Private All Girls School

Preschool-High School

Princeton, New Jersey

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Campus Ministry

An Active Faith

Adapted from an article in Stuart News by Kate Walsh '16

There is more to Stuart girls than their roles as students, athletes, scientists and artists.

Stuart girls are additionally characterized by their passion, empathy and genuineness; we are deep thinkers and diverse in our ideologies. Inherent in every Stuart girl is a spirituality, religious or not, that impels her to lead. The Campus Ministry Club helps with Masses, gives prayers at morning meeting and organizes the Thanksgiving Food Drive. Although this club does so much, there are also many girls not necessarily involved in campus ministry who have become leaders in our liturgies, retreats and service, demonstrating the distinct spirituality that courses through each girl at Stuart.

Retreats have the potential to be a religious experience, but at the very least they are certainly introspective.

Every class in the Upper School goes on a retreat each year, and the students come back with more patience for their classmates and a more genuine view of each other. The Upper School at Stuart is a wonderful support system, and retreats build on the sense of sisterhood in each class, offering an environment that is conducive to reflection and trust. One of the best aspects of the retreats is that they are mainly student-led. For example is Junior Kairos Retreat. A group of seniors spends weeks planning the retreat and guides the group discussions and activities. There is an application process to be a retreat leader and this opportunity is offered to different grades, not only seniors. Being a retreat leader is a rewarding way to fine-tune important leadership skills such as listening, compassion and confidence.

Mass at Stuart

Sacred Heart Goal 1 is a personal and active faith in God. Stuart is a Catholic school that welcomes students of all backgrounds, and girls from all major religions thrive in our diverse community. Once a month students from all divisions, faculty and staff come together for Mass at Stuart. Mass provides everyone with a nice break in the frenetic school day for praying or at least sitting quietly and reflecting on whatever is happening in their lives. Mass at Stuart transforms the act of going to church into a community event; we sit with our classes, sing in a loud chorus and give each other “peace.” Not only is this a rare time that we can spend with the whole school in one room, but it is also a chance for many students to take a leadership role. Students can participate as cantors, readers, Eucharistic ministers, blessing ministers, altar servers and ushers.