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Performing Arts

Lower School

The Lower School performing arts program provides a strong foundation for students’ skills in theater, music, and dance through musical study, storytelling, and leadership skills.

Students get to showcase their skills at Veni Emmanuel, the annual Christmas concert.

Stuart fourth grade musical, Lion King Jr.



Middle School

The Middle School performing arts program expands and develops students’ skills. With the option to join either the chorus or instrumental ensemble, students get to follow their musical interests. The eighth graders culminate their performing experience from drama and music classes in their musical.
Students take Drama classes in grades 5-7 and explore character, plot, playwriting, analysis and theatre history.



Upper School

Upper School students have many opportunities to pursue their interests in outstanding Academic classes in the  performing arts through Music, Theatre and Dance. 

Co-Curricular opportunities include: Fall Play and Winter musical, Independent Studies in  performances. Students can join the award-winning Tartantones choir and select Vox Unum choir. 



With the freedom to find my individuality in an environment that helped foster creativity on many levels, I was given the tools to find my voice and the freedom to follow my passion at Stuart. My journey as a recording artist and Broadway performer began at a young age and without the support of the faculty and staff, I would not have been able to fully dive into my craft authentically. Some of my most transformative memories happened on stage and in the arts programs at Stuart. I’m incredibly grateful. - Ashley Loren, Broadway actress

Upcoming Shows

Virtual Shows


During the 2020-2021 school year, the Arts Department at Stuart was committed to giving our students the best and most authentic experience even during the pandemic. The arts faculty and students embarked on a creative journey throughout the year to deliver virtual theatrical productions of the Lower, Middle and Upper School shows.


Watch virtual productions from 2020-2021



Performing Arts Faculty

Jan Baldwin

Jan Baldwin

Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair
Victoria Hughes

Victoria Hughes

Lower School Music Teacher
Kelsey Lewis

Kelsey Lewis

Middle and Upper School Music Teacher, Arts & Humanities Endorsement Chair
Jacqueline Silva

Jacqueline Silva

Lower School Drama and Theology, NCGLS Service Learning Coordinators