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Arts In Early Childhood/Preschool

What makes art such a great teaching tool? Art engages children's senses in open-ended play and develops Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Sensori-Motor skills. Art is a cooperative learning experience that provides pleasure, challenge, and a sense of mastery. Instruction in the arts is one of the best ways in which to involve the different modes of learning; through art, children learn complex thinking skills and master developmental tasks (Belden & Fessard, 2001).

Visual Art in Preschool and JK

Visual Art in the Pre-School and Junior Kindergarten

Drawing is the first language for the preschool child. Art as a whole is recognized as a fundamental channel of communication, which allows children to express and explore emotions and imagination with a full range of materials. They learn to look carefully with discernment and to work with thoughtful intention. Colors, shapes, textures, lines, movement and space all enable creative and personal experiences which can be shared with their classmates through stories, and play.

Music in Preschool and JK

Pre-School Students rock out on guitars with music teacher, Ms. Dominique Di Meglio

Preschool and Junior Kindergarten students have music twice a week, once as an individual class and once in a “Group Sing” environment where all of the classes sing together. Students prepare for holiday concerts, perform on Orff instruments, start to learn Kodaly solfege and age appropriate music theory.

Dance in Preschool and JK

Dance in Preschool and JK

Creative Movement meets once a week in the Preschool and Junior Kindergarten. Through a series of movement games, exercises and songs, children develop mind/body coordination, flexibility, strength and sense of rhythm. The children perform for their parents in the Spring.