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Tess Chiarello '22, Student at Villanova University

Tess Chiarello '22, Student at Villanova University

What made you choose to attend Stuart?

The community and welcoming atmosphere I felt whenever I walked in the building. 

What is your favorite Stuart memory? Why does this one stick out to you?

Christmas season in the Upper School is always so much fun! Dr. Muoio goes all out and definitely puts her heart into the decorations and activities. The atmosphere is wonderful and you can really sense the community while we're running up and down the halls looking for a hidden elf!

Share what you are currently doing, both professionally and personally, such as volunteering, traveling, or hobbies.

I am currently participating in clubs like mental health outreach, LQBTQ pride, DEI, stage crew, and the yearbook. I hope to join an internship at the Georgia Port Authority this upcoming summer.

What was the path you took to get to where you are now in terms of your personal and professional goals?

It was a lot of hard work and staying on top of all my work. It was also very important for me to make connections and talk to anyone I could in order to have a better chance of achieving my goals

How did being at Stuart help prepare and guide you for the path you chose after graduating?

Stuart introduced me to many careers and professional opportunities by linking me with alums and listening to their stories.

What advice might you give to current students?

Be on top of your work! It is so important to keep track of your due dates and homework so that you can enjoy your free time and extra-curriculars stress free.

How has attending an all girls school impacted your career, day to day life, and your current self?

It has made me more confident and sure of myself whenever I am in a space where I must speak up and share an opinion.

How do you see Stuart having shaped your leadership skills?

Stuart gave me the opportunity to have leadership roles in many different areas of my school life.

Share more about your time at Stuart. What clubs, sports, or organizations were you involved with?

I was a yearbook editor, assistant technical director for theater and a track captain. I also participated in Mock Trial, Admissions Club, Science National Honor Society, Girl Scouts, and so much more!

Stuart girls and women are unstoppable in pursuing their goals. How has your time at Stuart made you unstoppable?

Stuart gave me the confidence and the voice to speak up and speak out.