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Tatiana Person '06, Director of Postgraduate Success at Christina Seix Academy

Tatiana Person '06, Director of Postgraduate Success at Christina Seix Academy

What was the path you took to get to where you are now?

I went through the NJ SEEDS program and that is how I applied and was accepted to Stuart. I worked for SEEDS throughout high school which confirmed my desire to teach. I then attended the University of Scranton for my bachelors and masters degree.


What made you choose to attend Stuart?

During a visit, the girls who I toured with were very nice and helpful. The classes I attended were interesting and I felt like I could see myself there.


How did being at Stuart help prepare and guide you for the path you chose after graduating?

Stuart definitely prepared me academically for college. My freshman year was easy compared to that of my peers. Stuart also allowed me to be a leader and I carried that with me throughout college and beyond.


What advice might you give to current students?

I would tell them to embrace their time at Stuart. They will definitely miss the community and the people once they leave.


How has attending an all girls school impacted your career, day to day life, and your current self?

It shaped who I am. I am not afraid to lead or make decisions. I also consciously think about my students who identify as girls and create spaces for them to be heard and lead.


What is your favorite Stuart memory?

I fondly remember my time on the track and field team. Even though I wasn't very good lol, I appreciated my time with the team.


How do you see Stuart having shaped your leadership skills?

Stuart shaped my leadership skills by allowing me to lead and watch other girls lead. By senior year I led the DAYS club and participated in Peer Leadership.


What were your favorite classes offered at Stuart?

I loved biology and trigonometry. They weren't easy but the teachers were very supportive.


If you participated in any extracurricular activities, what were they and how do you see them having played a role in your life after graduating?

I participated in the DAYS club and track and field. I learned how to lead in the right way and also how to work well with others.


How did Stuart shape you both individually and academically?

All throughout college and even now, I was able to recall things I learned at Stuart. It helped tremendously.


Stuart girls and women are unstoppable in pursuing their goals. How has your time at Stuart made you unstoppable?

Stuart empowered me. It reaffirmed my ability to make decisions that were best for me.