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Shana Jordan '09, Chief Operating Officer of Lolli

Shana Jordan '09, Chief Operating Officer of Lolli

Shana Jordan ‘09 is the Chief Operating Officer of the company Lolli, a bitcoin rewards company. At Lolli, After graduating from Stuart as a lifer, she went on to receive her Bachelor of Science, Marketing and International Business, from Georgetown University. From there she went on to work at Popsugar, a women’s lifestyle site focusing on positive content. Here Shana worked as the Partner Manager as well as the Operations and Business Development Manager in the Shopstyle part of the site. 

Shana is the COO of Lolli, and her mission in the company is to “make bitcoin accessible to all,” and especially women. When discussing what made her want to pursue Lolli, one main interest was finding ways to bring bitcoin to women. 

Through Lolli, you get paid to shop, whether that be through bitcoin or cash directed to your Lolli wallet. Lolli has partnered with over 1000 top brands, who pay for Lolli to drive sales and customer flow to their sites. When the Lolli users make a purchase at one of the partnered sites, a percentage of the sale goes to Lolli, which is then shared with the Lolli users.

How did being at Stuart help prepare and guide you for the path you chose after graduating?

In our conversation, the first topic Shana highlighted was Stuart helping teach balance of oneself. She explained how the school “caters to the whole person,” and not just one aspect of the students. “Stuart instilled and teaches values,” as well as how to be a student, athlete, friend, and member of the community. Shana also attributes Stuart to her confidence; in herself and her abilities. She looked to her experience in public speaking classes, the class sizes, and encouraging teachers and peers for her confidence both in and out of the classroom after Stuart.

How do you see Stuart having shaped your leadership skills?

For Shana, Stuart helped to form her “ability to be a leader and team player both.”  She spoke to the fact that Stuart “encouraged her to continue learning,” and “instills a curiosity to learn and push beyond any boundaries.” Shana says that much of her confidence in being a leader comes from the efforts and opportunities provided by Stuart.

What is your favorite Stuart memory?

“My favorite Stuart memory was the Junior Ring Ceremony.” The Ring Ceremony is a tradition carried out by all Sacred Heart Schools, and for Shana this is part of the reason why it meant so much to her. When she saw the ring worn by others, she felt connected to them. “I wore my ring all through college, and still wear it to this day.”

What were your favorite classes offered at Stuart?

“If goûter was a class then I would definitely pick goûter. I also really enjoyed my French classes with Madam Hoppenot, freshman biology, and religion classes, especially because they were not just focused on catholicism. If community service counts, then it was a favorite class as well. I really just liked learning, so all my classes were favorites!”

What advice might you give to current students?

“Have fun and enjoy everything! Don’t focus on the pressures of college or winning a championship, or anything else, just remember to be a kid and have fun!” Shana also advises “leaning into Stuart’s support system both at the school and through the Sacred Heart network, as well as looking to past alumni.” Her last piece of advice is to “strive for big things” and keep pushing yourself.