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Juliana Ketting '17, Learning Specialist at The Pennington School

Juliana Ketting '17, Learning Specialist at The Pennington School

What made you choose to attend Stuart?

I was a lifer a Stuart but I remember the immediate sense of community and caring nature of the faculty and staff made me feel at home.

What is your favorite Stuart memory? Why does this one stick out to you?

My favorite Stuart memory was going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the arts department in August 2015. A group of us were nominated and went to perform a play in Edinburgh, Scotland and I was able to stage manage the show. This memory sticks out to me because we were able to explore London and Edinburgh while making friends from across the country and globe.

Share what you are currently doing, both professionally and personally, such as volunteering, traveling, or hobbies.

I am currently working at The Pennington School in the Cervone Center for Learning while finishing my master's at Teachers College Columbia University in intellectual disabilities and autism. I love to travel, be with my family, and buy as many houseplants as I can!

What was the path you took to get to where you are now in terms of your personal and professional goals?

The Learning Center at Stuart inspired me to go into a career in special education! I was in the Learning Center for almost my entire Stuart career and each of my teachers inspired me to do my best everyday!

How did being at Stuart help prepare and guide you for the path you chose after graduating?

Stuart prepared me well academically and socially in college and graduate school. I learned so many valuable lesson inside and outside the classroom and was able to apply it to my post-graduate experiences.

What advice might you give to current students?

Don't let others dictate your future! You are all capable, bright young women who have so much ahead of you. Find what you are passionate about and give it your all!

How has attending an all girls school impacted your career, day to day life, and your current self?

Attending an all-girls school has given me confidence to work with others and make my voice heard. I was taught to always speak my mind which has in turn impacted my career and day to day life.

How do you see Stuart having shaped your leadership skills?

At Stuart, I was heavily involved in the theater department as a stage manager. Mr. Cupit gave me the tool to believe in myself and take on a major leadership role starting my sophomore year. He reminded me that I was capable of anything and continues to be a mentor to me. Since then, I have always sought out leadership opportunities and stood my ground.

Share more about your time at Stuart. What clubs, sports, or organizations were you involved with?

I was on the golf team, Squash team, and Middle School track team! I was involved in campus ministry, admissions, and all the fall plays and musicals from 2013-2017!

Stuart girls and women are unstoppable in pursuing their goals. How has your time at Stuart made you unstoppable?

My time at Stuart has made me unstoppable by giving me the tools needed to thrive academically at rigorous schools while also giving me social and leadership skills that allow me to work well with others and stand for what I believe in.