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Joy Robinson Melendez '89: Program Coordinator, Infectious Disease Program

Joy Robinson Melendez '89: Program Coordinator, Infectious Disease Program

Stuart was the foundation and catalyst for Joy Robinson Melendez’s commitment to service and work in the fields of non-profit project management. With degrees in public health administration and social work, Joy has served the greater New Jersey community through the development and management of programs largely centered around public health education and HIV/AIDS awareness. During this time, she was invited to collaborate with physicians and medical professionals to revise and update the asthma education curriculum for the Kids on the Block, Inc., and she created another award-winning educational program geared towards raising HIV/AIDS awareness and sensitivity, promoting healthy decision making skills and character building for inner city youth. Joy is currently the Program Coordinator of the Infectious Disease Program, based in a Federally Qualified Health Center in New Jersey, having secured over $3 million dollars in federal and state grant funding to provide comprehensive medical and psychosocial services to over 400 adults living with HIV/AIDS. The foundation set at Stuart continues to impact Joy’s life to this day, always searching for opportunities to help others and reach out to those who are otherwise stigmatized. “Stuart taught me to have a compassionate view of the world. Keeping God in my mind and my heart has helped me to grow and has provided me the confidence to step up, venture out and make a difference.”