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Dr. Ana Maria Sauthoff Soler ‘02, Leader and Faith Justice Advocate

Dr. Ana Maria Sauthoff Soler ‘02, Leader and Faith Justice Advocate

Dr. Ana Maria Sauthoff Soler, affectionately known as Annie, graduated from Stuart in 2002. It’s clear to see that the foundation that was taught to her, starting in pre-school, has not only helped her grow into a confident woman with an active faith, intellectual curiosity, and true compassion for others but has instilled in her the purpose to grow those traits within others. When you look at the definition of a "Portrait of a Stuart Graduate," Annie Soler fully embodies those characteristics.

Annie has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their full potential. She received both master's and bachelor's degrees from St. Joseph’s University, focusing on psychology and faith justice. This led to her work in the Jesuit Volunteer Corp in Sacramento and several college access programs in California, where Annie took a leading role. During that time, she also completed her Ed.D at the University of San Francisco in international and multicultural education with a minor in human rights & organizational and leadership. She then returned to Stuart to serve as the director of service learning. Currently, Annie is the vice president of programs at an organization whose 'mission is to partner with students and families at the intersection of their motivation and potential to create pathways for success in college and beyond'.

Throughout her career, Annie has kept the Stuart values of service and impact as driving forces in her life. She has consistently worked to grow herself while dedicating her career to helping others develop their own skills and foster a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Her open mind and willingness to learn have made her a dynamic participant and leader throughout her career.