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Brenaea Fairchild ‘12, 2022 Young Alumna Award Winner, Innovator, and Educator

Brenaea Fairchild ‘12, 2022 Young Alumna Award Winner, Innovator, and Educator

The 2022 Young Alumna Award was presented to Brenaea Fairchild, class of 2012. Brenaea served for five years on the Stuart Alumnae Board. A lover of God, people, and all things good, Brenaea is an entrepreneur who enjoys the gift of homeschooling her children alongside her wonderful husband, Matthew.  Always looking for ways to innovate and make the lives of moms, people of color, and teachers easier, Brenaea has founded multiple successful organizations including HomeWorks Trenton, The Learning Point, and most recently The Melanin Village. 

As a lifelong learner and teacher, Brenaea worked in public schools and coached pre-service teachers. Through her work at The Learning Point, she helped hundreds of struggling students advance in math and reading. Her organization's most impactful program helped children experience an entire year's worth of academic growth in math within five weeks. 
Two years ago she launched The Melanin Village after realizing the unique challenges that black families face when homeschooling, including finding like-minded communities, access to accurate and quality curricula, and easy-to-digest information on evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning.

A Princeton University graduate and mother of two boys, one of her greatest joys in homeschool is teaching world languages. As a trilingual, Brenaea immerses her children in both Spanish and sometimes French. Brenaea describes herself as a lifelong learner and educator. She is passionate about evidence-based, individualized and affordable education that is flexible to meet the needs of each and every learner. Brenaea is an innovator with a passion for children and their education.