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Alumnae Class Notes

Alumnae Class Notes will display here when they come available.

1960's and 70's Class Notes

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Terri McKee Sayia ’79: My husband and I are grandparents to a beautiful grand baby named Reese Jean Sayia. She was born in June to our son Fletcher and daughter in law Danielle.  We are thrilled with this beautiful new bundle of joy. Peter and I are grandparents to a beautiful baby girl Reese Jean Sayia born 6/7/2018 to our son Fletcher and his wife Danielle!  Reese is pure joy and loved by many Aunties, Uncles and great grandparents Jim and MaryAnn McKee.  Daughter Sam lives in NYC and works for Credit Swiss.  Pete and Fletcher are now running  AA Sayia Spice company.  Allison will finish up her senior year at Villanova this year.  I started working as a Realtor this Summer at Villano Realtors and love it.  Peter and I won the Flying Scot Bay Championship again this summer. My sister and I went to a NYC Stuart event connecting with Ann Marie Belli and several Stuart alumni.  Also it was wonderful and a very special day to see my sister Catherine van Kampen being inducted this May into the Stuart Alumnae Hall of Fame. It’s been a blessed and happy year.


Maria Bowditch ’72: After 28 years I retired from teaching French at Blair Academy.  We have expanded my childhood home in Hopewell and moved in after the summer in Avalon, NJ.  Our eldest daughter married a marvelous man from Northern Ireland, but thankfully they are living in Brooklyn, as is our son who works for AFS-USA.  Our other daughter teaches kindergarten and lives in Philly.  Can't wait to attend more alumnae events going forward!


Josie McNeil ’74: I have been working as a Substitute Teacher in the Durham NC Public School System for 7 years.  Mostly I enjoy working in classrooms of Exceptional Children (what we used to call Special Education).  Autism has become a fascination and passion for me. I had a great visit in Princeton this past Spring over alumnae weekend.  Caryl Kuser and I shared lots of fond memories and the joys of life today, attended events at Stuart, and met Katherine Heffern Zeph who also lives in Durham and we have since followed up on the connection!  I also was able to spend a morning in the lower school visiting classes and highly recommend that all who have the time to spend a little time on campus in classes do so.  Everybody was so welcoming and the Stuart students of today are so inspiring! Many thanks to Patty Fagin and all the Stuart team who are so welcoming.  It has been true for me that Stuart is a lovely, welcoming, homecoming place. I'm also in fairly regular contact with Lucy Bennison LaFitte, Lisa Fischbeck, and Carol Henderson.  It'd be great to find a few more Stuart Women in the area and have a reunion.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing


Earlier News:

Leslie Pizer Schwaderer '74 writes:

My husband and I celebrated retirement with a 3 month trip from Alaska through Canada and the US to Prince Edward Island, 15,000 miles from start to finish. We ended back in Alaska in August having experienced many delights in both countries. And best of all, after sharing a motorhome all summer we still love each other! (Fall 2017)


Marianne Smith '79 writes... I am still living in North Carolina. Aside from my work, my husband and I stay pretty busy. We love to travel and went to Europe last fall. We took a 10-day Mediterranean cruise and added five extra days to explore Italy. It was wonderful to see the country my grandfather was born in! For those of you who remember my parents' farm, we sold it in January of 2016. My mother now lives in an assisted living facility in Skillman, and she is thriving there. She turned 90 in December! My oldest son, Christopher, is a Software Engineer working for a start-up in San Francisco. He loves the weather out there; I worry about earthquakes. My other son, Max, has just moved to Massachusetts. He's more of a free-spirit and is finding his way in the world. He was born and raised in the south, so it remains to be seen if he'll make it through a northern winter without moving back home. If anyone is traveling through North Carolina, please stop in. I would love to see y'all!

A note from Stacie Paulsen Chandler '76:
I hope you will all share this study abroad opportunity with those who might enjoy it. It's perfect for high school seniors and college students, but we also welcome adults who are passionate about photography, travel, or music.
I am a former journalist and currently a student advisor at Penn State University in University Park. My husband, Curt Chandler,is an award-winning photojournalist who was the Director of Photography and Editor for Online Innovation at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He now teaches Multimedia Journalism in Penn State’s College of Communications.
In June 2017 we will be on the faculty of a four-week study abroad that offers participants a one-of-a-kind experience, with a focus on Norway’s music and culture. Students will spend their days learning about Norwegian culture, language, and music and their nights experiencing it firsthand.
The program, run by ieiMedia, a is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-graduate interns, non-traditional students, recent college professionals, and experienced travelers looking for a unique experience. Students will receive 3 credits from our partner institution, the University of Jamestown.
The faculty includes veteran journalists with years of experience in photography, multimedia, writing, editing, and broadcast who are now seasoned educators with exceptional credentials. We are passionate about the necessity for students to gain a global perspective gained through personal cross-cultural experiences. Please visit us at for additional details.

It was shared that the daughter of Sarah Conley Reese '73, Caroline Reese, has released an album and is on tour! Check her out at:


1980's Class Notes

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Megan Guerra ’80: Starting my sixth year teaching French at Trinity High School, Manchester, NH. I am also co-advisor to our yearbook and have taken on a new role as mentor to a new faculty member. My oldest daughter Abby graduates from Saint Anselm College this year hoping to teach first or second grade in Londonderry NH and my other daughter Sophie is beginning her freshman year at St A’s.  Nicolas is in 8th and has started playing soccer this year adding to basketball, co-ed volleyball, and lacrosse goalie. Loving New Hampshire!

Lisa Fountain ’81: I didn't graduate from Stuart, but it was/still is my favorite place on earth.  Mrs. Klench and Mrs. Kemp might remember me.  My maiden name was Rodriguez, and I was there 5th-7th grade.  When my parents moved us to Florida, I tried to disown them and hitchhike back to Princeton, but alas, I failed.  I now work at Harvard University, as a student advisor in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology.

Lisa Kunze ’85: In my 25th year in New York City. Still love the City and I’m honored to be able to participate in the modernization of the biggest and oldest subway systems around. I’m running Employee Engagement & Communications for New York City Transit doing some of my most rewarding work in my career to date. My sister Heidi (who runs IR for a hedge fund of funds investment group - I am so proud of her!!!) and I live together on the 39th floor of a building with direct views of the U.N., Empire State and my favorite Chrysler building.  Quintessential New Yorkers, we often take our City for granted but hopefully our location will enable us to connect with our Stuart family visiting the City this year. Send me a text if you are in town and want to connect. Miss you guys!

Kelly Greenstein ’87: In August of this year I was offered a  position in amazing veterinary organization.  I am the hospital manager for Strawbridge Animal Care, in Virginia Beach.  I love this city so much! And have wonderful friends from both Stuart and college that live nearby.  Along with my menagerie of pets, my heart belongs to my now 22 year old daughter, Abby, who resides in Northern California. Still an avid reader and world traveler, always in search of the next great horse.

Helen Payne Watt ’88: Can't believe my family and I are beginning our 5th year living in Canada. My kids are growing fast - Jesse (17), Sam (15) and Maddie (6) - and our urban Toronto living seems to suit as all. Drop a note anyone who happens to come through and can meetup for a coffee!


Earlier News:

Dani Dabrowski Villegas '86 recently started a position as an adjunct instructor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She's teaching a graduate level course about social media for their Masters of Professional and Technical Communication degree program. (Fall 2017)

Beth Marks '84 is having a great time working at Stuart as the Director of the Stuart Fund (thanks for all your support!), and is happy to share that her daughter Penelope is loving Stuart too! She is currently in 8th grade and excited for the Upper School next year! I've been in touch with Anne Fendrich Stevens '84, who is doing great, living in Michigan, and has 6 children! (Spring 2017)


1990's Class Notes

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Laura Fitton Pieper ’94: made it out to NJ for the first time in 12 years in June. She’s been in Iowa for 20 years now! She was able to meet up with Barbara Horne ‘94, Judy Brenna ‘94, and Jaime Ewalt ‘94, and they shared a toast to Kathy Calogredes Rengepis ‘94, who lost her 3-year battle with cancer in April. Laura and her husband, Nathane, also celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in June! Their son, Jacob, turned 6 in August and is in first grade.

Arielle Moule ’96: is living happily in Seattle, Washington. She works for Brian Carter Cellars and is very active in the wine community in Western Washington. She also still paints and is a working artist, and visits Stuart whenever she comes East. Those halls will always be a special home to her. 


Maria Keeler ’96: It’s been a crazy 2017-2018! Bill and I bought a home and moved to New Paltz, NY after 11 years in NYC and have made it our permanent home. Very excited for this new chapter. This past May we welcomed our second child, James. Ava is in the midst of (the very real) terrible twos. She’s also incredibly smart and funny. We adore these little humans. I’m still working as an advertising creative director & doing my art on the side. This fall, I will attend SUNY New Paltz's graduate program and get a masters in education/TESOL. Goal is to transition into teaching full-time, a big career change that I’m thrilled about. All the Keelers are doing well and are peppered along the east coast & Europe. 

Lucy Proctor ’90: I moved to Virginia in April of 2017 after I lost my mom to cancer in October of 2016. She was a major part of my life as we shared a home together. She was my best friend, travel partner and roommate.  I miss her terribly! Virginia was a huge decision, I knew I couldn't afford to stay in Jersey, and I really wanted a change. I lived at the same home for almost 40 years (many of you have been there!), it was a very hard move, and cleaning out was even harder. I bought a little condo, and love (?) home ownership, sometimes!  I live in Williamsburg, and for this history lover, it was a great move.  I live only 3 miles from the Jamestown settlement, which I go to, and only 6 miles from Colonial Williamsburg, which is so much fun!  William and Mary College is here too, and I go to football games with my neighbor who works for the college. I work for an electrical contractor, I keep his books and run his office.  That has been interesting, I know more about electricity than I ever thought I would!  I do miss New Jersey, and my family, since most are in the Northeast.  But I have a sister who lives about 30 miles west, and I see her regularly.  I miss my best friends, Natasha Dickey Lawton, and Sandy Baker Beyrouty. I try to see them when I get back to Jersey, but the drive up the 95 corridor is awful, so I don't do that too often. The weather here is a lot different than Jersey, hot from March to November.  All friends are welcome to visit, I have a guest bedroom. Would love to show you my new hometown.  Come visit!  Hope everyone is doing well?

Cassandra Haddock ’99: I had a baby! Austin John McGuan was born on February 17, 2018. He’s not a junior, but he is the fifth generation Austin!


Earlier News:

Mari Keeler Cornwell '96 writes: Hello friends! We've moved out of Brooklyn to upstate NY! New Paltz, NY is a gorgeous town 2 hours north of the city. Lots of woods & country roads. Reminds me of Princeton! Ava is thriving & we're trying to keep up with a toddler. Love watching the ladies in my class starting families or gaining grown on their successful careers. Very inspiring and motivating. Wouldn't expect less from Stuart Alums. Hope everyone is happy & healthy. Love, Mari (Fall 2017)


Justine Schiro '92 writes: It was so great to catch up with Claire, Rachel and Tara to celebrate our (gulp) 25 year reunion and see how Stuart has grown and changed. Funny we still look 17! We hope to get together again soon and with members of our class who weren't able to join the official reunion I am still living in NYC with my husband and 2 daughters, Elisabeth and Annabel. We are thrilled our older daughter Elisabeth will be continuing the Sacred Heart tradition as she is starting kindergarten this year at Convent of the Sacred Heart in NYC. She loves her new uniform and can't wait to start. Annabel will be starting at 2/3 Program in Preschool! (Fall 2017)




Sarah Byers '95 and Jim Gramling welcomed their baby girl, Elizabeth Anne, on July 15, 2016. Little Elizabeth also has very happy grandparents in Norma and Lance Byers!

Lili Lantin Wierbonics '93 wrote to share of the exciting year the Lantins had! She writes: We celebrated my parents' 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows at St. Paul's followed by a reception at the Princeton Hyatt. My sister's (Mary Lantin Casparis '90) children, Stage and Lantin Casparis, along with my children, Rowan and Willow Wierbonics were the ring bearers and flower girl. It was a fun night and we were happy that Regina Guerrero Leopold '93 and her husband David joined us in the celebration!



Sara Burchell Kestner '96 wrote: It was so much fun to be supporting Stuart at the "Speakeasy" fundraising event last month - and with so many fellow alumnae!



2000's Class Notes

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Zoelene Hill ’00: In June, Zoelene and her husband Squire joyfully welcomed their baby girl, Sydney Hill Servance, to the world. Sydney loves to smile, coo, and keep her parents up at night!

Sara Rodenas Casey ’01: Working as a family doctor at an amazing FQHC, taking care of those that need it most, in a really diverse community. Married for 6 years, with 3 beautiful children that bring joy to our lives daily.

Joia Davis Moore ’02: Hello, Stuart. I can honestly say I am truly blessed and enjoy every moment spending time with my lovely family, which includes my amazingly loving husband of almost 4 years, Lamont, and our 4 children, Asia (12), Jeremiah (10), Lamont ‘LJ’ Jr (3), and Kendrick (almost 2). Time flies too fast, but it’s exciting to watch these little, and not so little, munchkins grow. I have been working for the federal government for the past 10 years. Currently, I write policy and regulations for FEMA’s Individual Assistance Directorate. My husband is a proud owner of a thriving business in the competitive and fast-paced medical field. I look forward to seeing familiar faces during alumnae weekend. Be blessed everyone.

Mary Anne Wassel ’02: I defended my doctoral dissertation in June, and I will receive my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in October! It was a long, arduous process, and I'm so thrilled to move on to the next chapter of my life.

Mary Kate Williams ’06: My third book was published in early November 2017. Enemies of Peace is a suspense novel that touches on a range of topics from home-grown terrorism and the fear of the “other,” as well as the pitfalls of aiming for the “American Dream.”  I am so thankful for the support of my Stuart classmates who have encouraged me during my journey as an author.

Ann Crawford-Roberts ’08: Hello! I'm living in Santa Monica, CA, doing my residency training in psychiatry at UCLA. I graduated from medical school in May 2018 at Mount Sinai, and moved from NYC to LA soon after. Now on the West Coast I'm close to my mother (Marilyn Crawford '73) and grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and my sister Mary (Crawford-Roberts '06), who is in Portland, OR. Alums in LA, please say hello!

Elizabeth Borah ’08: Hello, friends! As of this summer, I have relocated from Morgantown, WV, to Albuquerque, NM! After about a year working in registration at WVU Ruby Memorial hospital’s Heart and Vascular clinic, I am looking to continue working in healthcare environments here in NM. I’m still working on my art, doodling and crafting in my spare time in order to exhibit at local zine festivals. You can always check out my work on Instagram @squirrelsofboston.

Tess Orban ’09: I just got engaged in September, which is exciting. I currently work as a teacher while also pursuing an opera career. I am the social media chief for OPERAnauts, a non-profit organization that seeks to use music (and opera in particular) as a tool to heal the trauma of the Congolese who have been suffering for years under a regime that encourages genocide.

Roxana Amirahmadi ’09: I just got married on April 6, 2018 and graduated from medical school this past spring from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. My husband and I are now living in Baltimore, MD where I'm completing my residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Maryland Medical Center and he is completing his training in Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins. I plan on subspecializing in Pulmonary and Critical Care medicine after residency.


Earlier News:

Aishwarya Rajagopalan '09 is a fourth year medical student. She was married June 1st in India, with Georgia Pierce '09 serving as a bridesmaid. (Fall 2017)

Elizabeth Borah '08 writes: After four years in Boston working in various cultural jobs (and taking photos of squirrels), I've moved to Morgantown, West Virginia! Will hopefully be working at the nearby hospital or university, and pursuing my art projects on the side. Keeping my SCDS spirit alive in the wild and wonderful state. (Fall 2017)

Mary Kate Dahlberg Williams '06 shares that her second book has been published - a collection of short stories - is now available. The Games You Cannot Win: A Collection of Short Stories can be found on Amazon at



2010's Class Notes

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Charlotte LaNasa ’12: Started a job as the Theater Director at Saint James School in Hagerstown,MD in the fall of 2017! Still loving the boarding school life, and also getting involved in the surrounding area. Served as a guest artist at Shepherd University directing their spring production for their Contemporary Arts and Theater Department in Spring of 2018.

Gabriela Funez-dePagnier ’14: Just started working at Weill Cornell Medical Center as a research technician in the Kafsack laboratory, which is researching transcriptional factors that lead to sexual differentiation in malarial parasites.

Madeleine Lapuerta ’16: I recently founded and launched a clothing line, BYTES, inspired by and catered towards women in STEM. I spent the majority of the summer bringing this idea to life: designing products, ordering inventory, managing the website, social media accounts, and finally, in early September, launching the line itself. Creating and running a clothing line is a very exciting process, and I am proud to utilize fashion and my line's products to hopefully spread some social change in STEM, both by allowing women to feel more comfortable and heard in their classes, and by demonstrating to the world how STEM is a place for women, too. You can find BYTES online at, or on Instagram at @BytesClothing. I'd love to send some items to Stuart and give them away to Stuart girls! Thanks!

Jennifer Liu ’16: On August 18th, 2018, my fiancé, Mike Strandberg, and I got married! We were married on Nantucket Island at St. Mary's church. Mike and I met at a church spaghetti dinner in Cambridge, MA two years ago. We are very excited to be starting our married lives together!

Qingrong Ji ’17: A sophomore in the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Networked and Social System Engineering. Currently involved in research about the genderedness in the U.S. and Chinese social media (World Well-being Project), and is co-running a club that focuses on creating connections  between China and Israel ( Miss Stuart a ton and grateful for its impact on me.


Earlier News:

Stephanie Champi ’12 shares: As a first year teacher in Boston, it was great to come back to Stuart recently to ask for guidance from Alicia Testa about how to improve my Algebra 1 classes. Ms. Testa’s Algebra 1 class was the first time that I loved math and one of the main reasons why I wanted to teach middle school math. While I was there, she even gave me some of her old textbooks and workbooks that I now frequently use to supplement my students classwork. I am so excited to be back at Stuart in April to introduce one of the keynote speakers at the #leadlikeagirl conference! It's going to be an amazing conference, planned for girls by girls, to promote leadership, entrepreneurship, and STEM, which I hope will help me to empower my own female students to persist in STEM beyond my classroom!

Natalie Pontillo '10 shares that she is now the owner/operator of Hasty Acres Farm in Kingston, New Jersey. The 37 acre horse farm has been a staple of the Kingston community for over 45 years. The Farm offers english riding instruction for all kinds of students; welcoming both advanced and beginner students. Check out the website:!