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Transfer Students

Changing schools can be scary -- for you and for your child. If you stay, life is familiar, expectations are understood, and relationships are solidified. If you take a chance, you might discover that our school is just what your daughter needed. Whether the decision to transfer is because of a family relocation or simply a need for something different, our office will help your family feel confident and secure through through the process. 

What to know

  • There is no barrier to entry when it comes to sports, the arts, and clubs. Your daughter will be able to jump right in, develop a skill, uncover a talent and make new friends.
  • Our small school community means the teachers know the students -- especially those who are new to the community -- and will support your daughter in her new learning environment. 
  • You'll see no disruption to the college process; our personalized college counseling program ensures students stay on track with their courses and receive proper guidance. 

Plan a visit

The best way to see if Stuart is the best fit for your daughter, we recommend scheduling a shadow visit with one of our students. 

Application process

The process for transfer students is the same for all applications. Click here to get started with your application and for important dates to remember. 

“The best thing you can do to make the transition socially is to join clubs, sports or any activities that may interest you. It is a great way to meet new people and friends that can support you inside and outside of school.” - Leila '24, shared her transfer story with NJ Family Magazine

My Transfer Story

Noelle '23 | Founder of the New Friends Club

Amelia '23