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Welcome to Virtual ToTS! 
Even though Stuart is closed, our learning and programs continue! 
Our EC and Lower School teachers and specialists have been creating original content for the distance learning experience, and we want you to have it too! Fill out the form below to get on our list, and we will send you videos like playdough recipes and age-appropriate reading lists! Scroll down to see a sample of our new virtual ToTS offerings!

Chocolate Oobleck Mud
by Erin Lamke, Extended Day

DIY Paper Hyacinth Flower 
by Eileen Scheuerman, EC 3 

Make Your Own Playdough
by Erin Lamke, Extended Day

2D and 3D Structures 
by Mary Jo Kahn, EC 3 
Make 2D and 3D structures using toothpicks and marshmallows. 


Create Your Own Obstacle Course
by Katherine Gibson, EC & LS P.E.

Must-Reads for EC and Lower School
by Jillian Wolf, Librarian 

Virtual ToTS Education and Activities

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