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Young girls don't think they are smart enough.*

The importance of building confidence at an early age

New research tells us that by age six, girls begin to decide that some activities are "not for them" because they are not smart enough.

These perceptions can steer women away from careers in fields thought to require "brilliance" such as science and engineering. Researchers say, "These new findings show that these stereotypes begin to impact girls' choices at a heartbreakingly young age." As experts in educating girls, at Stuart, we know that early and consistent exposure to confidence-building experiences and female role models can help girls defy stereotypes.


Join us

Tuesday, January 8 at 7:00 PM at Stuart Country Day School
1200 Stuart Road, Princeton, NJ

Michelle Dowling, Head of Lower School at Stuart, will discuss:

  • How to combat the stereotypes around brilliance
  • Why it's important to start early

This event is free of charge. Please use the form below to register in advance as space is limited.


Do you have an older daughter?

What Girls Need to Know About Leadership, is a workshop for middle school and high school girls and their parents offered on the same evening, January 8, 2019.



* Lin Bian, Sarah-Jane Leslie, Andrei Cimpian. Gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence interests. Science. January, 2017.