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Stuart Writing Center

The Stuart Writing Center aims to foster an active writing community that empowers students to become effective and confident writers and nurtures tutors to become skilled and compassionate leaders. 

The Writing Center: 

  • Offers peer tutoring sessions to Middle and Upper School students at any stage of the writing process  
  • Provides support for students who struggle with writing 
  • Works with writers who wish to further hone and enhance their writing skills 
  • Serves as a resource for teachers and students 
  • Creates opportunities for student leadership through the peer tutor training program 

Peer Tutors: 
Juniors and seniors are eligible to apply to be peer tutors at the writing center if they meet all of the following requirements: 

  • Maintained at least an A- average in all English writing assignments in her junior year
  • Attended the required training sessions 
  • Expressed an enthusiasm for the writing process as well as working with students to improve their writing 
  • Have received at least one recommendation from an English teacher

As a writing center tutor, I have the opportunity to help my peers and younger students with school-related writing assignments, whether it's their student government speech or their world culture's term paper. I love the writing center program because it fosters an environment where students teach students. I believe that we often internalize new knowledge the best when we are taught by someone at a similar level. When helping my peers, I am able to share anecdotes from my own challenges with writing and give them tips that I used to overcome their struggles. These anecdotes help them avoid making similar mistakes, and teach them the do's and don'ts of the language. I am happy that the Writing Center gave me the space to help my peers and even further my writing skills, because in my eyes, sometimes the best learning happens through teaching. - Aditi '12

Being selected as a writing tutor this year was probably the most rewarding position I have ever been chosen for. My favorite part of tutoring is helping others polish their work into something that they’re proud of. A lot of kids my age begin to develop a learned helplessness toward subjects that we’re not the best at, but as a tutor, I have been able to not only affirm students’ writing abilities, but provide them with tips for strengthening their writing. Furthermore, being asked by some of my peers to help read over their college essays and supplements has definitely been one of the most fulfilling parts of being a tutor. Even if it is just to serve as an extra pair of eyes to watch out for comma splices or tense changes, it’s always a privilege to be trusted with such a personal statement. - Heather '12


Amanda Cutalo
Upper School English Department Chair 
Writing Center Director