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We are so proud of the Class of 2020 for their acceptances into such a diverse and impressive range of colleges and universities.  From the nearest college, The College of New Jersey, to the farthest university, Texas Christian University, our 34 accomplished women of the senior class will be pursuing a wide range of interests at 28 different schools across the nation. Thirty-eight percent will pursue a degree in STEM, including one student who will be attending the competitive 7-year Accelerated Pre-Med program at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Twelve percent will pursue studies in the arts. Additionally, we have 7 Stuart graduates who will be playing a sport in college (Field Hockey, Track & Field, Rowing, Equestrian).

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Dear Class of 2020...

You guys have accomplished so much, both as individuals and as a class! You're all going to do great things. Congratulations on everything and have soooo much fun in college next year!!!

- Grace Sheppard '18

Dear wonderful class of 2020,

What a trying time the past 2 months have been for all of us and particularly for you. We all have appreciated your leadership and optimism ( and sense of humor) during the year and now through the end of the year. You are a unique group of young women and we really will NOT forget you.

With love, Mrs. Pierpont

Congratulations Class of 2020!

You are strong, smart, and resilient. The world needs you more than ever. Go forth and make your mark on the world. You got this!

- Beth Marks '84

I remember my friendships, education and values gained from Stuart much more than my graduation day itself. While I can only imagine how disappointing it is for you to miss this celebration with friends, family and faculty, it is called commencement for a reason...this is just the beginning.

- Maria  Bowditch '72

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

I hope you are staying well and looking forward to the future! Remember that wherever you are in the world, you have Sacred Heart family nearby. Much love and good luck!

Isabella Kopits '16

Jenara: I am so proud, and completely unsurprised, at all of the great things you have already done as a Stuart student. I also know that the best is yet to come. I wish you continued success and much happiness in college! Eres mi amor, siempre mi corazón.

- Dennis  Kim-Prieto

Congratulations Stuart Seniors! Class of 2020!

I am so happy and proud of you all as you spread your wings and take off for a new adventure in your life! You couldn't have a more solid foundation for your success, and I know that you will all soar to great heights! We are so blessed to have been touched by your presence here at Stuart and can't wait to hear all about your triumphs and victories! If you do what you love, you will love what you do and the sky is the limit! Best of luck on your exciting new journey and know that we are all walking right there behind you cheering you on in spirit!!

Much love, Mrs. Maurer

Dear Class of 2020,

Congratulations! Your class continues to be a shining light and a model of strength and perseverance. While the end of the year did not turn out as you envisioned, please know that I am very proud of all of you. You have accomplished so much, especially during challenging circumstances. Good luck to you as you begin your next steps in your academic careers. I know you will continue to be amazing young adults that will make a difference in our world.

Love, Mrs. Nickerson

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Welcome to the other side of the green brick walls.Although you will not be able to celebrate graduation in the traditional way, find strength in knowing that right now you have the largest audience cheering you on. These tumultuous times might leave you wondering—Why my graduation? Why me? The problems of today require resiliency. Your accomplishments and experiences as a class prove that you are ready to face the challenges ahead and become the force for real change in the future. Keep blazing a trail from the Stuart halls and beyond!

- Maya  Kuang '15

Dear Class of 2020,

I'd like to share a piece of my story in hopes it will inspire and assure you in these most uncertain times. I was senior 1985 class president, and I remember graduation fondly, but I remember all those thousands of little moments even more over the years.I've recently had a bit of a rough time, had to move from NYC, my home for 25 years and resettle and start over in the United Kingdom. After all that I've been through, one truth remains. I'm incredibly grateful for my Stuart education. I've no doubt I will get back on my feet and thrive here - but in so many ways I'm in a similar situation as all of you. Please know, the time you spent at Stuart has prepared you for the world in so many ways. I know it has given me confidence and instilled the values I've lived my life by. You will no doubt have a great advantage over most other students you encounter. Don't squander that blessing - reach for the stars and step into the leadership role Stuart has prepared you so well for. Remember your Stuart experience as you build your career - be kind and always reach out a helping hand to women who you work with and especially those who work for you. In these challenging times, always remember you have a very special legacy that will serve you well whatever path you take. The choice is yours. Congratulations!!!! We alumna are so very proud of each of you.

Best wishes - Lisa Kunze '85

Dear Class of 2020,

Congratulations on your graduation! You are graduating from Stuart, so I know first hand that you have worked incredibly hard. I also know that your graduation isn't what you imagined it to be. You are a distinctly special class for the historical milestones that Have marked your journey thus far. Your calling is equally distinctly special. What you may not know is how much your days at Stuart have shaped you and will shape your future. I guarantee that you will continue to discover and understand, with gratitude, what a gift you were given. Stuart women are strong and make a difference in the lives of those around them wherever they are. "Oh the places you'll go"... and the differences you will make... Know that Stuart community is behind you and can't wait to see what you will do next! God Bless you and all who made your Stuart education possible!

- Michelle Evaul '94

Class of 2020, where do I begin?

You were my first group of sophomores during my very first year at Stuart, and you taught me exactly how fabulous Stuart girls are--intelligent, curious, funny, and hard-working. Each of you is unique and memorable to me for different reasons. All of you are going to go out in this world and leave your own footprint!

With much pride in each of you, Ms. Larson

Dear 2020 Seniors,

I can't imagine how crazy and sad this time is for you. Graduation should be a time of joy and a time spent making and remembering the good times with your classmates. But you are Stuart women and that means a lot. It means that you will always have a community of women who will support you, look out for you and have your back. You were blessed with the opportunity to learn and grow at an amazing school. Please know that I will be praying for each of you as you begin your new journey. It won't always be easy, but we were never promised easy. As long as you keep moving forward, keep your head held high and know that you can do whatever comes your way, those mountains will seem like mole hills.

- Maggie  Agin Rogers '84

Dear Class of 2020,

Many seniors feel a mix of anxiety and excitement as they graduate and plan for college. For you, the entire world is sharing in your mix of feelings as we all look to a new future. We are all trying to hold on to some of our plans and dreams, while remaining open and flexible to adapt to new realities. The blessing here is that we are really and truly "in it" with you. You can reach out to your alumna network and find women who will guide and support you, and will sit in solidarity with the challenges presented by all the uncertainties we face. So, as the coming months unfold, remember us, your strong sisters, and allow us to offer support. You have joined an incredible community, and we are better for having you with us on this journey.

- Elizabeth Martin '94

I read this somewhere and thought will share with you seniors as I have a college senior in my family who is shattered by the situation. This is supposed to be your year. The year for your senior prom, sporting events, senior trips, clubs, and the rest of what senior year has to offer. You were supposed to be the captain of that team, the officer of that club, or that student who wanted to be with their friends one last year before venturing into the unknown. But it was robbed from you because of this global pandemic.Let's be abundantly clear – you were robbed, and it's unfair. If you're upset, then you should embrace those feelings. Commiserate with one another. Some folks will downplay the situation because they won't know what it feels like to have their senior year stripped at the last moment. We are sad for you, truly. But if there is any group that can plow through this in creative ways, it is your group. There is no pandemic strong enough to silence you or dent the passion of your generation. Keep your head up and keep fighting. Our country needs you because you provide hope for our future. This year may not be what you envisioned, but I'm eager to see what you do with it. After all, it is still very much your year. Make memes. Exercise. Read books. Or just read manga. Read something! Reach out to those friends you know don't have internet access. Call and check up on them. Listen to podcasts. Make a podcast. Start a hobby.

Wish you all the best to the 2020 Seniors. You are very special!

- Somu Malathi, current parent

Congratulations on achieving an exciting and successful milestone in your lives. My years at Stuart, as well as the friends I made, remain in my heart always. My friends are truly life long sisters. Take this Corona time, to embrace yourself, shine a new light on yourself and the world around you and how you see yourself in it. Stay healthy, curious, truthful to yourself, focused and strong always!

- Sabrina Lupero-Reichert '94

Congratulations to a beautiful and talented class! I am so proud of you all!

- Jessi Oliano

Dear Class of 2020,

You guys are all my best friends and I'm going to miss you all so much. I know you will all do amazing things in college and beyond, and you are all incredibly strong. Never forget that you are loved and valued, and that everything will be alright. I'm so glad that I got to spend the past four years with you and I can't wait to see you all again whenever that's possible!!

Liah Argiropoulos '20

From Cynthia Blaney '19

From the Stuart Class of '76

From Toni Conte Francis '77

We invite you to send good vibes to our seniors by sharing your words of advice and encouragement. The Class of 2020 knows they are backed by the power of the Stuart community but sometimes, especially during times like these, a little reminder can go a long way.

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