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Princeton, New Jersey

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The Upper School at Stuart

All girls high school, grades 9–12

A Stuart girl graduates confident in her abilities and her beliefs, ready to take on life's challenges and make a difference in the world.

The Upper School offers robust academics, superb teaching and an atmosphere that fosters leadership. That foundation, along with a variety of clubs, athletics and service opportunities, encourages girls to push boundaries and discover both their potential and their passions.

Through our well-rounded curriculum, students master creative and expository writing, mathematical and analytical reasoning, presentation skills, foreign language, scientific discovery and self-expression. Our technology-rich environment prepares girls to learn and work in today's mobile, networked world.

Lively classroom discussions weave religion, politics and culture into all aspects of learning, helping students construct value systems they can articulate and live. Outside the classroom, sports, theater and extensive club options cultivate team-building skills and lifelong friendships.

Requirements for Graduation

70 Units to include:
  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of the same Foreign Language
  • 2 years of History
  • 3 years of Mathematics
  • 3 years of Lab Science
  • 1 year (or equivalent) of the Arts (Art, Drama, Music)
  • 9 trimesters of Physical Education (including 2 trimesters of Health)*
  • 6 trimesters of Theology
  • 1 trimester Computer Science

Students are required to carry a minimum of 6 credits each trimester, but no more than 7. A trimester course counts as 1 credit or unit.

Four years (50 hours per year) of Community Service are required. 

* 7 trimesters of Physical Education (including 2 trimesters of Health) for Classes of 2012–2014

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