Princeton, New Jersey Preschool for Boys and Girls

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Princeton Preschool / Early Childhood Program

A Preschool Learning Experience for Boys and Girls Ages 2–4

Princeton, NJ Preschool for boys and girls ages 2–4

From first discoveries to lasting skills, Stuart’s Early Childhood Program (EC) provides girls and boys with a joyful initial classroom experience and a solid foundation for the future. We nurture a sense of wonder and uncover what each child is curious about through frequent one-on-one interactions. We guide children to play it forward by exploring, questioning, and problem-solving—the essence of play. Our social and emotional skills-based curriculum, along with our academic program, provides girls and boys the building blocks for kindergarten. With our faculty’s love and support, the children develop confidence and independence by speaking in front of others and learning to do for themselves. We know each child, and we are dedicated to helping children express themselves, discover their world, and become engaged and enchanted with learning.

Our students learn various skills – how to interact with peers and adults, how to imagine and be creative, and how to take care of themselves. It’s exciting seeing how eager they are to learn new things and how thrilled they are when they do.

Princeton Preschool Community

Children in the Early Childhood Program reap the rewards of an intimate, cheerful, age-appropriate environment that is part of a larger, caring, values-based community that extends through high school. Learn more about Stuart.

Heart is at the heart of all we do, and character-building—instilling respect, responsibility, cooperation, and kindness—is integral to the program and to a Sacred Heart education. The children feel our warmth when they spend time with their older “sisters.” Parents sense it, too. Welcomed into the extended Stuart family, they are involved in EC life and supported by a strong partnership between home and school.

Being part of a larger school also gives our youngest learners access to our wealth of facilities: beautiful classrooms, music and art rooms, playgrounds, libraries, gyms, fields, a nature trail, and stream—all on our 55-acre wooded campus. It is a peaceful place to make some joyful noise.

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The experience of the teachers, coupled with the love they share with the children, is unmatched.

Princeton Preschool Faculty

The Early Childhood Program’s experienced, caring faculty are dedicated to preschool-age children. Experts in child development, our classroom teachers integrate reading, writing, math, science, and art with visits from specialists in music, religion, Spanish, technology, and creative movement. Our teachers have a genuine love for the children and are as excited by “I did it” moments as the children are themselves.

With wisdom and professionalism, helping hands and hugs, our teachers partner with parents to focus on the individual and the giant steps each will take.

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Early Childhood News

#StuartSummer19: Help us build a Stuart family photo album

Summer is here! It's a wonderful time of year for creating lasting memories with family and friends while you soak up some sun and enjoy the time off. We would love your help in building a Stuart family photo album so our new and current families can get to know everyone better. Send your group photos - parents, children, pets - wearing your Stuart gear, and we'll send you a little gift! Send your photos to and we'll share photos on our social media and website.

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Early Childhood children experience "Butterfly Magic" at The Watershed

After studying butterflies all year, the EC 3s class took a trip to The Watershed Institute in Pennington for their "Butterfly Magic" program, and it was a great experience! The children demonstrated their knowledge of butterflies and learned even more about these amazing creatures. Ms. Michelle from the Watershed took them on a walk along the fields around The Watershed Institute.

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Fly, butterfly, fly! EC Butterflies release real Painted Lady butterflies after witnessing their transformation

After watching and waiting for many days, the EC Butterflies class got to watch as the Painted Lady butterflies finally emerged from their chrysalises! The children got to see the whole process happen right in front of their eyes! Last week, the boys and girls gathered to sing their friends a special goodbye song as they released them into the sky.

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