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Princeton Preschool / Early Childhood Program

A Preschool Learning Experience for Boys and Girls Ages 2–4

Princeton, NJ Preschool for boys and girls ages 2–4

From first discoveries to lasting skills, Stuart’s Early Childhood Program (EC) provides girls and boys with a joyful initial classroom experience and a solid foundation for the future. We nurture a sense of wonder and uncover what each child is curious about through frequent one-on-one interactions. We guide children to play it forward by exploring, questioning, and problem-solving—the essence of play. Our social and emotional skills-based curriculum, along with our academic program, provides girls and boys the building blocks for kindergarten. With our faculty’s love and support, the children develop confidence and independence by speaking in front of others and learning to do for themselves. We know each child, and we are dedicated to helping children express themselves, discover their world, and become engaged and enchanted with learning.

Our students learn various skills – how to interact with peers and adults, how to imagine and be creative, and how to take care of themselves. It’s exciting seeing how eager they are to learn new things and how thrilled they are when they do.

Princeton Preschool Community

Children in the Early Childhood Program reap the rewards of an intimate, cheerful, age-appropriate environment that is part of a larger, caring, values-based community that extends through high school. Learn more about Stuart.

Heart is at the heart of all we do, and character-building—instilling respect, responsibility, cooperation, and kindness—is integral to the program and to a Sacred Heart education. The children feel our warmth when they spend time with their older “sisters.” Parents sense it, too. Welcomed into the extended Stuart family, they are involved in EC life and supported by a strong partnership between home and school.

Being part of a larger school also gives our youngest learners access to our wealth of facilities: beautiful classrooms, music and art rooms, playgrounds, libraries, gyms, fields, a nature trail, and stream—all on our 55-acre wooded campus. It is a peaceful place to make some joyful noise.

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The experience of the teachers, coupled with the love they share with the children, is unmatched.

Princeton Preschool Faculty

The Early Childhood Program’s experienced, caring faculty are dedicated to preschool-age children. Experts in child development, our classroom teachers integrate reading, writing, math, science, and art with visits from specialists in music, religion, Spanish, technology, and creative movement. Our teachers have a genuine love for the children and are as excited by “I did it” moments as the children are themselves.

With wisdom and professionalism, helping hands and hugs, our teachers partner with parents to focus on the individual and the giant steps each will take.

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Early Childhood News

EC girls and boys spread lots of love for Valentine's Day

This week all of the Early Childhood classes met with their "Big Sisters" classes to bring love to the clients of Meals on Wheels. The Chickens in EC3 met up with Ms. Brougham's fourth grade class and created Valentine's Cards. The fourth graders guided the chickens in making the cards beautiful with Valentine's Day decorations and writing a Valentine's Day message. After this they played together in Friendship Forest. The Duck class met with Mrs. Cramer's first grade class where they created fun heart decorations, and the Pony Class met with Ms. Di Meglio's second grade class and made Valentine's Day placemats. All the children had "happy hearts" after spreading love in the world!

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Beloved author Doreen Cronin brings inspiration and a love of writing to the Lower School and EC

On Friday, February 9, the Lower School welcomed beloved children's author Doreen Cronin to campus for an afternoon of inspiration and storytelling. Stuart students are passionate about reading, but one of the things we do at Stuart is inspire our students to become equally passionate about writing. Writing is a skill that not only will serve our girls well in their academic careers, but in just about any endeavor they pursue in the future. Creative writing as an expressive art can also enhance communication, help people cope with strong feelings, tell stories, stimulate creative thinking, and inspire those around us.

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EC boys and girls share laughter, lemonade and love for Loaves and Fishes

The Early Childhood girls and boys filled the Stuart campus with love and lemonade on Thursday morning. Since the EC classes have been learning about letter L, the Pony and the Chicken classrooms decided to make fresh-squeezed lemonade. The children cut lemons in half, squeezed the juice, poured the juice, added water, sugar and shared the lemonade with the whole Stuart community.

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Early Childhood boys and girls share ''happy hearts'' on Goal 3 Day

On Friday, the boys and girls in the Early Childhood program participated with the Lower School in Goal 3 Day. Sacred Heart Goal 3 calls us to commit to a social awareness which impels to action, or as our children sing, "Help those that need me and be a friend to all!" The children discussed Martin Luther King, Jr., how he reached out and helped others and the meaning of kindness. They also discussed how many people do not always have food to eat or warm clothing to wear, including many of those at Loaves and Fishes where the Stuart community will be serving next weekend. The children made centerpieces for the Loaves and Fishes guests and said they loved giving others "happy hearts" and placed their hands on their hearts to show their love. What a kind and wonderful way to end the week!

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Lower School students embrace Goal 3 and share the warmth!

For over 35 years Stuart has hosted the Loaves and Fishes meal the last Saturday of January, and this year the entire Lower School spent Goal 3 Day making warm hats and scarves to distribute to the Loaves and Fishes guests. Loaves and Fishes serves 800 meals on the last two Saturdays of every month to members of the community who suffer from food scarcity and struggle to pay for both rent and food for their families. In addition, the students in the Early Childhood program designed placemats and decorative centerpieces to recognize the human dignity of each guest, and spent the day learning about ways they can share their gifts and passions with their community in order to make the world a better place.

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