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The Middle School at Stuart

Grades 5–8

The Middle School years are a time for Stuart girls to discover who they are, what they want to become and how they want to make a difference in the world. We challenge and support our girls through this process as they mature spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Our innovative curriculum and 1:1 iPad program provide students with essential 21st century skills, including effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving. Outside the classroom, girls develop an awareness and commitment to social justice through discussion and service to others.

A comprehensive advisory program, extensive club offerings, strong athletics and an exchange student opportunity in eighth grade allow our girls to build confidence in their abilities to lead, compete and collaborate.

Recently in the Middle School:

Our Middle School Whites Lacrosse Team had a great game last Monday against Buckingham. With a big team effort the Whites beat Buckingham 10-1. On Thursday, the Middle School Tartans stayed hot with a 15-3 win against Rutgers Prep. Next games up in Middle School: Greens vs. Buckingham Friends School and Tartans vs. Timberlane Middle School today, and Whites play Wilberforce School on Thursday. Go Tartans!

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Challenged with the question, "How might we reduce waste at Stuart?", our 5th graders investigated the issue of waste at Stuart and came up with proposals for solutions. They explored four different categories of items regularly thrown away: paper, plastic, food waste, and non-recyclable garbage.

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Although early in the Middle School Track & Field season, returning runners hit personal records and, many season bests were reached at our second meet by our new teammates or returning runners competing in new events. We're excited to have such a strong start to the season by all of our team members!

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Last week, the seventh grade girls used Zoom Meeting to have a conversation with Patty McLain about growth mindset. Mrs. McLain is a former colleague of Ms. Rusnock who is currently a youth wellness advocate, educational consultant and the Student Empowerment Advisory of the Everyone Matters campaign. Ms. Rusnock and Mrs. McLain told a brief story about their former school district and how students there inspired them to achieve their aspirations. The 7th grade girls were then invited to create posters around the question, "What would I do if I knew I could not fail?" Answers varied from "Anything impossible" to "cure cancer" to "I would end world hunger and poverty." Mrs. McLain encouraged the girls to become more specific about what they considered impossible, as many things that were once impossible have now become possible.

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