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Women We Admire Day

What is Women We Admire Day?

Women We Admire Day is a signature experience in the Lower School at Stuart celebrated during Women's History Month each year. Students prepare well in advance by researching a woman either from history or present day, and their hard work culminates on Women We Admire Day when they share their findings and accomplishments in a "Talking Museum." The day begins with Opening Ceremonies, followed by breakout centers for women in sports, STEM, arts, theology, leadership, literature and media, and Stuart alumnae return to speak with the girls about careers in a wide range of fields.


Women We Admire Day was begun in 1984 by three Lower School teachers who, inspired by the new women's-recognition movement, reported to work one spring day dressed as notable women. The idea caught on as the students now take on the role of a great woman, past or present, who has made an exceptional contribution to society.

What Students Can Expect

Lower School students eagerly turn their creative talents loose for Women We Admire Day. The women selected represent a diverse group mirroring the interests and passions of each individual girl. The highlight of the day is the "Talking Museum" where each girl, dressed as the women she selected, presents a short presentation to passersby. Each visitor drops coins into a cup to hear the presentation, and the funds collected are donated to a nonprofit charity selected by the students.

Photos from Women We Admire Day 2019