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The Stuart Specialist Teacher Model

Our Lower School faculty are foundational to the strength of Stuart’s Lower School program. Classroom teachers know girls and know each girl well.

Our faculty are experts at teaching girls and fostering social and emotional, as well as intellectual growth. Open communication with parents and collaboration with subject specialist teachers helps faculty tailor instruction to each girl’s strengths and needs. Specialist teachers in literacy and math are not just experts in their subjects, but experts in best teaching practices.

At Stuart, we know the importance of educating the whole child, so our girls are taught by subject area teachers in STEM, Spanish, art, drama, music and P.E. — in light-filled studios, labs, and performance and athletics facilities designed specifically for each discipline.

Our specialist teachers:

  • Co-teach lessons during literacy and math classes
  • Assist in differentiating and individualizing instruction for each girl
  • Together with homeroom teachers, provide a smaller student/teacher ratio and develop lesson plans
  • Expose our teachers to research-based lessons, best practices, and innovative approaches to teaching
  • Provide supplemental resources/materials for the classroom
  • Are full-time members of the Lower School faculty
  • Meet regularly with teachers, parents, and students
  • Stay on top of best practices and research-based/-proven methods for each particular developmental age – and girls