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The Lower School at Stuart

Jr. Kindergarten – Grade 4

In the journey of learning, first steps are crucial.

When a girl comes to Stuart, she enters a kind and collaborative community. In this all-girl environment, girls are encouraged, and expected, to try new things, participate, work together, and be leaders. They live up to our high expectations by becoming as responsible as they are independent. Guided by exceptional faculty, outstanding academics, and the Sacred Heart Goals, Stuart girls gain self-confidence and self-awareness. They go beyond acquiring knowledge and skills for their future and develop a thirst for more.

A Stuart girl’s journey begins in the Lower School where:

Expert teachers know girls–and know each girl well.

Our faculty are experts at teaching girls and fostering social and emotional, as well as intellectual growth. Open communication with parents is vital, and working with subject specialist teachers, faculty are able to tailor instruction to each girl’s needs for challenge and support.

Our homeroom teachers work closely with literacy, math and STEM specialists to know each girl's strengths and challenges. This understanding enables them to individualize the educational experience for each girl.

Each specialist is not just an expert in her subject matter, but also in how to teach it. This co-teaching model further reduces the student/teacher ratio, giving each girl a deeper learning experience.

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Outstanding academics provide an extraordinary foundation for future success.

Our research-driven, interdisciplinary approach gets girls engaged in their education. Our challenging curriculum is taught through a balance of skill development, collaboration, and hands-on projects–which makes school interesting and relevant for our girls. Learning by doing is not only joyful; it’s supremely effective.

Girls love coming to school because learning is joyful–and meaningful.

New research tells us that by age 6, young girls already think that girls aren’t as smart as boys. It’s crucial for girls to know, from the earliest years, that even math and science can be exciting! Our teachers encourage a “growth mindset,” and Stuart girls buck the stereotypes, developing confidence in themselves, knowing that with hard work, trial and error, they can succeed.

Girls develop a sense of community and their place in the world.

Stuart girls support one another because each one wants everyone to succeed. Kindness, empathy, and love are everywhere. You feel it in the bonds between students and between students and teachers. Stuart girls understand and respect each other’s differences and they learn about the world, and that by taking action, they can make the world a better place.

Lower School News

Specialist Teachers

Our homeroom teachers work closely with literacy, math and STEM specialists to know each girl's strengths and challenges. 

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Lower School Math Program

Our Math Program is built on the idea that children are problem solvers by nature. Teachers guide our girls to make sense of problems, develop strong problem solving skills, and persevere through complex real world applications. Through conceptual understanding and math discussions, students become efficient and flexible problem solvers.

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Women We Admire Day

Early and consistent exposure to female role models help Stuart girls see their own possibilities.

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Send Hunger Packing

A social awareness that impels to action begins in the earliest years at Stuart. Our campus ministry and service learning programs help to nurture every girl's sense of independence, leadership, and purpose. This video by first grade girls highlights just one of many programs in the Lower School at Stuart.

10 Steps Parents Can Take to Encourage Leadership in Girls