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Junior Kindergarten (Co-ed) and Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Kindergarten programs are nurturing and inclusive learning spaces. Students grow and thrive joyfully, connecting closely with their spiritual compass, expressing curiosity and wonder about our world and its sanctity, and truly learning the beauty of community and service while collaborating with classmates.  

Our carefully designed classroom environment focuses on all areas of development in a safe and nurturing environment. Children are guided throughout each segment of the school day to develop independence of thought and deed, self-confidence, and self-control. Our program promotes active learning, independent thinking, and cooperative peer interaction. Children are exposed to activities, centers, and learning experiences that encompass language acquisition, sensory-motor, gross and fine motor skills, and social/emotional development. Our overarching goal is to promote active exploration and discovery through play-based instruction in all areas. Children are encouraged to stretch their thinking in a learning environment supported with love and attention to individualized needs to ultimately foster a life-long love of learning and build a strong educational foundation.

The JK and Kindergarten curriculum is a developmentally appropriate and cognitively rigorous approach for acquisition of mastery in all areas of growth. Through a traditional instructional setting, blanched by play-based approaches, we are able to focus on developing the whole child. Each child’s learning style and developmental level in the different areas of the curriculum are evaluated and assessed regularly throughout the year. The traditional instructional strategies are designed to allow for individual differences in pace, style and range of learning. Our play-based learning experiences are an integral element to our instruction and in the facilitation for the development and growth of a children’s imagination, creativity, and social-emotional well-being.



Heidi Echternacht

Heidi Echternacht

Kindergarten Grade Teacher
Karen Poch

Karen Poch

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Special Units


  • Animal Expo 
  • Birds of Stuart - Yearlong Investigation
  • Rhyme Time Celebration


  • Storybook Celebration
  • Mem Fox Author Study 
  • How-to Books
  • Trees of Stuart--Yearlong Study