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Grades 3 and 4

Leaders of the Lower School, our third and fourth graders are focused on academic purpose, service, spiritual practice, and an emphasis on navigating the social landscape. 

They are guided in learning how to be positive advocates for themselves and facilitate advocacy for others. We are ambassadors of kindness and inclusion, with students from the Lower School on the Student Diversity Board. The curriculum is designed to refine the earlier foundational skills and conceptual understandings and apply more abstract thinking to more complex content. In third and fourth grade, students no longer learn to read but read to learn and no longer learn to write but write to express. The classroom curricular expectations and objectives are enhanced and adjusted to meet, challenge, and support each student's individual strengths, interests and needs. 

It is a vital time in their social development, especially for girls. Third and fourth graders focus on communication and expression by practicing how to represent their thoughts, ideas and opinions with confidence, empowerment and grace. Through our Lead Like a Fourth Grader Series and multiple additional opportunities, they are able to practice their leadership and independence skills. Most importantly, they practice self-compassion and learning that mistakes are proof that you are trying and growing. It is our intention that they leave the Lower School an insightful, articulate, resourceful, innovative, and creative heartfelt group, ready to take their places as leaders in the Middle School. 


Special Units


  • NJ Intensive Study/Lenape Day
  • Animal Expo
  • Book Club
  • Pizza Project


  • Lead Like a Fourth Grader
  • Remember the Ladies
  • Musical
  • Stations of the Cross


Jill Hunt

Jill Hunt

Third Grade Teacher
Tonia Simone

Tonia Simone

Fourth Grade Teacher