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Grades 1 and 2

Our first and second grade students at Stuart enjoy an emphasis on innovation and exploration: they develop and expand on many skills and concepts through open-ended, discovery-based activities. We are so proud of these young people of spirituality, outreach, tolerance, and academic focus. Through traditional and project-based strategies, students receive individualized approaches and instruction. The curricular goals are to build upon exposed skills and concepts from the earlier years with rigor and expected mastery in a learning environment that fosters and nurtures taking risks and rising to every challenge.  Each child’s learning style and developmental level in the different areas of the curriculum are evaluated and assessed regularly throughout the year. We are committed to meeting each child where she is on her foundational journey and make intentional commitments to formatting those individual needs to align with the curriculum.
First and second graders are devoted to what it means to be a good friend, practicing their interpersonal skills, and growing in their awareness of how their actions impact others. Strong leadership starts at an early age, and as our first and second graders move from concrete understandings to more abstract concepts, they begin to see the complexities of all learning and experiences. They are supported and encouraged to delve deeply into subjects and topics of great interest.   
Lower School STEM simple machines


Special Units


  • Yearlong First Grade Farm Stand
  • Students Change Hunger

  • Winter Maker Workshop

  • Cozy Cafe


  • Polacco Author Study
  • Community Circles
  • Money Town
  • USA State Fair
  • Math Court


Mary Jo Kahn

Mary Jo Kahn

Second Grade Teacher (Leave Replacement)
Dominique Kucharczuk

Dominique Kucharczuk

First Grade Teacher, Director of Stuart Summer Programs
Aileen O'Shea

Aileen O'Shea

Second Grade Teacher