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Princeton, New Jersey

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Learning Center

The Stuart Learning Center is an integral part of our commitment to educating the whole child in a supportive environment where each girl is encouraged to reach her personal best. This convenient, on-campus center features:

  • A central meeting room housing a library of resources for parents and teachers
  • Hundreds of books containing the latest findings in the field of learning
  • On-site assistance with student and teacher research needs
  • Individual workrooms where Learning Center Specialists assist students
  • Computer carrels available to students and teachers for quiet work

The goal of the Learning Center is to assist students one-to-one or in small groups, providing academic support and instruction in math, reading, writing and study skills. In this way, we can meet enrichment or supplementary needs that can't be met in the classroom.

Additional Resources

In addition to enrichment activities, we’re available to provide individual classroom support at a teacher's request. We also travel into the classrooms to teach study skills or work on special projects. The Learning Center office also coordinates outside professional services including neuro-psychological testing, occupational therapy and speech/language services.

Students who anticipate needing extended time or other accommodations on standardized tests are encouraged to contact Learning Center personnel one year before those tests are taken to begin the process of applying for those accommodations.

Get in touch! We are delighted to talk with you at any time about how we can work with you and your daughter's teachers to best serve her educational needs.