Conference Sessions

Workshops, presentations and panel discussions are geared towards elementary school, middle school and high school students as well as parents and educators.

Sessions from the last year's #LEADLIKEAGIRL conference included the following.

See the full #LEADLIKEAGIRL 2017 agenda.

STEM Talks

Be prepared to be wowed! STEM Talks will be given by young women in high school on original scientific work or research from the past year. Each talk will be 5-8 minutes in length. A partial list from last year includes:

  • Nanoparticles Saving Sight
  • Finding Confidence to Combat the Leaky Pipeline
  • An Abundance Assessment of Black Sea Bass for the Appraisal of Oyster Cages
  • The Digital Dance
  • My School App
  • Adolescent Autonomy and the Ethics in Making Medical Decisions
  • The Selective Regeneration of Dopaminergic Neuronal Stem Cells
  • Using Virtual Reality to Understand Intermolecular Reactions

& Presentations

Workshops and presentations will be delivered by young women in high school, educators, and leading women in business. A partial list from last year includes:


    • Fan of Your Brand
    • How to Start Your Own Nonprofit and Tips to Apply Your Passion
    • 10 Steps to Planning and Completing a Girl Scout Service Award
    • The 5 Factors of Lifelong Success
    • Public Speaking for Leadership
    • Personal Finance for Students

    STEM Track

    • Bacteria Bioluminescence with Women from The Bassler Lab at Princeton University
    • What Do Animals Bring to the Classroom?
    • Make Hands-On Workshops for all ages
    • Building Bridges
    • Scientific Research for the Busy Student
    • Empowering Girls to be Critical Consumers and Creators of Social Media
    • Intro to 3D Printing with Tinkercad
    • Strategic Recruiting of Girls for Computer Science Programs

    Business Fair

    The #LEADLIKEAGIRL Business Fair is an opportunity for high school girls to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and business acumen through a business plan of their own design.

    Students will present their developed good or service to a panel of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and a participating audience, in a competition for three cash prizes, awarded to the business plans that are deemed most innovative and profitable.

    Students will have the opportunity to showcase their business plans alongside experienced mentor women who own businesses at the Business Fair and Expo.

    Panel Discussions

    Panel discussions will be with women in STEM careers, entrepreneurs, and leading women in business and finance.

    • The Career Path to Finance
    • Life as a Woman in a STEM Field
    • Go local: Princeton Women Entrepreneurs
    • Social Media for Parents
    • Women Entrepreneurs in STEM

    #LEADLIKEAGIRL® is presented by:

    The National Center for Girls' Leadership at Stuart

    Special thanks to The Harris B. Siegel Fund and our sponsors.