Conference Sessions

Workshops, presentations and panel discussions will be geared towards elementary school, middle school and high school students as well as parents and educators.

& Presentations

Workshops and presentations will be delivered by young women in high school, educators, and leading women in business. A partial list includes:


    • The Keys to Being a Successful Entrepreneur
    • Women in Business
    • Trailblazing Recipes for Financial Literacy
    • Soles: a product for extending the lifespan of shoes
    • Superfoods for Superior Girls: A Smooth Start for an Excellent Finish

    STEM Track

    • Bacteria Bioluminescence with Women from The Bassler Lab at Princeton University
    • What Do Animals Bring to the Classroom?
    • Make Hands-On Workshops for all ages
    • Cool Craniums with the NY Hall of Science
    • Lovie Monsters: Sewing and Circuitry Workshop
    • Let's Talk Design Thinking!
    • Chalk Talks 2.0: Exploring Sport & Leadership Through Digital Storytelling
    • Yummy Gummy DNA: Isolating DNA from Strawberries


    • Playing for Power
    • Leaders In and Out of Class
    • Leadership through the (Camera) Lens
    • Body Mechanics and Stretches for the 21st Century Student
    • Chalk Talks 2.0: Exploring Sport & Leadership Through Digital Storytelling
    • Leading Through the Arts
    • Aligning Purpose with Possibility

    STEM Talks



    Be prepared to be wowed! STEM Talks will be given by young women in high school on original scientific work or research from the past year. Each talk will be 5-8 minutes in length. 2018 STEM Talk topics included:


    • Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Disease with Biochemical Optogenetics
    • The Effectiveness of Operant Conditioning on Grey Reef Sharks
    • Ethics in Action
    • Enhancing Cardiomyocyte Proliferation to Improve Cardiac Cell Therapy
    • STEM Mentorship
    • Using Virtual Reality to Empathize with Vision Disabilities
    • The Strategy to Purchase Cheapest Flight Ticket
    • STEM Images of PMN-PT Supercells and Low-Cost Scanning Tunneling Microscope
    • Gambler's Fallacy and Memoryless Property
    • Observing Brain Tumor Growth Caused By MDA231-BrM2 Breast Cancer Cell Lines

    Business Fair

    The #LEADLIKEAGIRL Business Fair is an opportunity for high school girls to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and business acumen through a business plan of their own design.

    Students will present their developed good or service to a panel of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and a participating audience, in a competition for three cash prizes, awarded to the business plans that are deemed most innovative and profitable.

    Students will have the opportunity to showcase their business plans alongside experienced mentor women who own businesses at the Business Fair and Expo.

    2018 Business Plans included:

    • Shield Sword Spear
    • The Collection
    • PowerSEA
    • Fit in Fitness
    • Radio App
    • The Connection Pit
    • Date Rape Drug Detecting Tablet Sober Straw
    • Straw That Detects Alcohol Cleaner Cup
    • PowerSEA: The Future of Charging
    • Immersive shopping

    Panel Discussions

    Panel discussions will be with women in STEM careers, entrepreneurs, and women in leadership. Panels have included:

    • The Many Sides of Medicine
    • Women in Engineering
    • Using Your Voice
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Mentoring the Future
    • Work-Life Balance

    #LEADLIKEAGIRL® is presented by:

    The National Center for Girls' Leadership at Stuart

    Special thanks to The Harris B. Siegel Fund and our sponsors.