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College Matriculation


Class of 2023 College Decisions

The Class of 2023 will be attending 28 different colleges and universities around the United States. About a third of our students will pursue STEM fields and a third plan to study the arts, humanities, and social sciences. One student will continue her athletic career playing Division 1 field hockey. Keep reading for the complete list and testimonials from some of the seniors. 

Barnard College
Boston College
Boston University
Brandeis University
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Chicago (2)
Cornell University (2)
Emory University (2)
Fordham University
The George Washington University
Georgetown University
Georgia Tech
Lehigh University
The College of New Jersey


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Northwestern University
Penn State University
Purdue University
Spelman College
Syracuse University
Ursinus College
Vanderbilt University
University of Vermont (2)
Villanova University (2)
University of Virginia
Wake Forest University
The College of William & Mary and 
University of St. Andrews (joint degree)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Why I chose my school

Isabel Garcia-Carrillo


[At William & Mary/University of St. Andrews], I am able to do two years here and two years in England which is closer to where I am from. For me, it's really the fact that I am able to experience both cultures in one degree. I'm majoring in international relations to hopefully work for a diplomatic mission or other international security companies. I knew I wanted to do international relations coming into Stuart, it was my APUSH and AP Government classes that really solidified my love for IR. Dr. Wright helped me solidify my love for government. 

Mia Zebrauskas


I am ecstatic to be attending Villanova University in the fall, studying communications. Because Villanova’s values of veritas (truth), unitas (unity), and caritas (love) are at its core, the community there reminds me of Stuart’s community that I have been a part of for so long. I have already made so many connections through proudly wearing my Nova merch this year. I’m so excited knowing that so many recent Stuart alums will have my back at Villanova, Jadyn Piotrowski ‘22, Tess Chiarello ‘22, and Kathryn Ix ‘21, and my friend Margaret Lesinski ‘23. At Stuart I learned that community means a lot to me, and I discovered my passion for learning digital arts. Through my internship with Hilary Morris and Monica Vogel, and photo and film classes at Stuart, I know I want to continue these studies through Villanova’s communication concentrations in media production and media studies.

Peighton Dwellingham


My decision to go to University of Chicago ultimately came down to the money they offered me, plus it's an amazing school and my family is there. It came down to choosing a school based on how I would feel about it, what I would get out of the experience. I'm graduating debt free from U Chicago, and that was the biggest thing that I was so thankful for. When I do go to grad school for the thing that I really am passionate about and do want to do, I want to do it without money weighing on me, and other things swaying my decisions. I also love that the school is very, very similar to Stuart in values. They have a very small and supportive community, which I think is good in a big city like Chicago. I love Chicago, but it's nice to get away and be in a community that has your back.

Emily Ix


I was attracted to Wake Forest University because of its close-knit community and its focus on challenging students academically. The collaborative energy and welcoming spirit on campus is similar to the sense of community that I grew up with at Stuart. Wake’s Pro Humanitate motto and the university’s focus on community service are reflective of the Sacred Heart values. I also chose Wake Forest because of its strong business school, small class sizes, and the ability to develop close relationships with professors. Additionally, the strong sense of school spirit and excitement on campus made me feel right at home. 

Noelle Wescott


I transferred to Stuart my junior year, and during the application process I was still getting used to an all-girls environment. Over time, Stuart showed me what true sisterhood meant. It is certain that having those friendships and support played a significant role in my decision to attend Spelman College. I've learned so much from Stuart over the past 2 years, and I've never had such cherished memories. My friends continue to motivate me to become the highest version of myself, and that's something I never want to let go of.

Besides Spelman's supportive all-women environment, I was also interested in learning from African American women, such as myself. Spelman College offered so many opportunities that continued the path I started walking through our green brick walls. I plan to major in Political Science, and minor in African Studies or Comparative Women's Studies in the fall. Through Stuart, I aspire to continue educating our country about the harm of racism, ableism, classism, and discrimination towards the LGBTQIA+ community. It is thanks to Stuart that I have met such kind and caring individuals who have always allowed me to be myself. 

Lily Harlan


I feel extremely lucky that I don't just love [Boston University] but I love the coaches and the team. I have built-in friends and a support system going into school. It's where my mom went, I love the campus, I love that it's in the city, I love Boston. I'm very good working on a schedule, so having games will motivate me to continue to do my work as I pursue a degree in advertising. 

*Lily signed a Letter of Intent to play field hockey at Boston University, a Division 1 school. 

Sydney Amato


I chose University of Vermont because I knew I wanted to go into education. UVM gave me 600-900 hours of teaching before graduating and the entire community is just so welcoming. I grew up going to Vermont and I knew it was the perfect place for me.

Stella Firmenich


My two top choices for college were Barnard College in New York City and University of Chicago. Funnily enough, I was originally opposed to both these colleges. At first, I didn't want to look at any all women’s colleges no matter how perfectly they fit my criteria. Through some gentle persuasion from my parents, I agreed to look at Barnard and just consider it. I ended up really loving it and it became the top of my list. On the other hand, with UChicago, I knew from the get-go that it was a really great fit for me just based on the supplemental essay questions and everything I heard about the school. Classes are distinctive yet rigorous, the community is incredibly strong and vibrant, it's a city school with lots of opportunities to offer, and, most importantly, there is an excessive amount of unique coffeeshops (UChicago is known as the most caffeinated campus). However, I put it as my second choice school simply because of how far it was. The more and more I really thought about it and thought about myself at that college, the more it seemed to fit and the less I cared about the distance. In the end, I couldn't picture myself attending any other college. UChicago is the one.

Aadya Labh


I was interested in Georgia Tech because of their diversity and welcoming community. After visiting the campus, I knew it was the place for me when all the students I met already treated me like I was in the Tech family! I plan to pursue architecture, so I visited the department and immediately fell in love with the work space and collaboration I saw all around me. All the professors were really encouraging while still giving good critique. I learned that the architecture students travel to Spain for a semester to learn all about architectural history as well as work in a private studio! On top of that, all students have an opportunity to study at Oxford for a semester!! 

Anita Liu


I chose to attend Vanderbilt University because of its tight-knit community, educational resources, and campus (in no particular order). This school also has a music school, which excited me to apply in the first place! The teachers who I met are all very dedicated to the job, and care deeply about fostering a competitive, but healthy learning environment. Every student has the option to take classes outside of their majors, and are encouraged to double major with the support of the advisors. I am choosing to attend Vanderbilt because I know once there, I will be challenged to think outside the box.