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The Benefit of an All-Girls Education

At Stuart, we believe that girls and young women thrive when they are given the space to grow and flourish in an environment specifically designed for them. Our all-girls school offers a safe and supportive space for girls to be themselves, realize the power of their voices, and learn from faculty that know girls and know them well. In an all-girls learning environment, students learn self-confidence and leadership skills through opportunities only held by girls, and are set up for success beyond graduation.
Stuart is a member of the International Coalition of Girls' Schools. Below are quick facts on the benefits of girls' education. 
A Safe Space: Girls’ school students are more likely than their female peers at coeducational schools to experience an environment that welcomes an open and safe exchange of ideas. Nearly 87% of girls’ school students feel their opinions are respected at their school compared to only 58% of girls at coeducational schools.

Empowered Leaders: At girls’ schools, girls demonstrate great confidence in female leadership and become increasingly interested in leadership positions themselves. Data suggests that girls at coeducational schools actually become less interested in leadership positions with age.


All-girls educational environments negate this societal norm by providing opportunities for girls during a critical time in their growth and development. Not only do girls receive a wealth of avenues for self-exploration and development, they also see a wealth of peer role models. Girls need to ‘see it, to be it’ to make them more aware of the possibilities in their own lives and help set them on their own brilliant paths.


Nearly 80% of girls’ school students report most of their classes challenge them to achieve their full academic potential compared to only 44% of girls at coeducational public schools.


Girls’ school graduates are 6 times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology compared to girls who attended coeducational schools.

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The overwhelming majority of girls’ school students strongly agree that they feel supported at their schools: 95% feel supported by their teachers (compared to 84% of girls at coeducational public schools), 90% report feeling supported by other students (compared to 73%), and 83% feel supported by their school administrators (compared 63%).

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When compared to coeducated peers, graduated of girls’ school are more likely to:

  • to help promote racial understanding
  • value improving their understanding of other countries and cultures
  • count their desire to understand others with different beliefs as a strength
  • view their ability to work cooperatively with diverse people as strength
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When compared to coeducated peers, graduates of girls’ school are more likely to:

  • become involved in environmental programs
  • deem it essential to participate in community social action programs
  • be frequently active in volunteer work
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Graduates of girls’ school are committed to civic duty. When compared to their coeducated peers, they are more likely to plan to vote in elections and to value keeping up with political affairs and influencing political structures.

A closer look at Stuart's all-girls environment

Four students witting at their desks while one of them is asking a question

"I can speak up for myself and the things I believe in, even in male-dominated classrooms."
Jadyn, '22

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"I love the welcoming and supportive community at Stuart. I am challenged to take risks and go outside of my comfort zone. I am constantly learning and growing with the support of my teachers, classmates and teammates.⁠"
Emily '23

Three students sit on the floor with a teacher

"Our inclusive community allows everyone to find their home here. Stuart is one of the best representations of acceptance. This Stuart home helps young girls love themselves and creates a space where we admire each other's differences."
Hadassah '27


Four Stuart graduates in white dresses holding green diplomas and smiling for the camera
Why All Girls