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Jean Labatut Stuart Architect


In the beginning...

Architect Jean Labatut designed a campus in 1963 that was significantly ahead of its time, incorporating many concepts that would later become the criteria in the United States Green Building Council’s LEED green building certifications.  

Our 55-acre campus is largely natural with a very small area that requires regular upkeep or irrigation. This has preserved the natural habitat and significantly reduced resource consumption. Our driveways and parking areas are woven into the landscape and have reduced the heat island effect of large, unshaded areas of paving. The layout has also preserved the natural topography and salient features of the site. The building itself brings the outside in with natural light in learning environments and incredible views of the landscape. The materials Labatut chose for the building -- concrete, brick and glass -- have extensive life spans and require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Perhaps most importantly, the infusion of the outdoors in our learning environment leads to the appreciation and respect for nature so apparent in our school identity.

Our mission

The Stuart community is committed to advancing our knowledge of sustainable practices and to implementing programs that align with our mission. In keeping with the Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart, we educate our students to be informed, responsible and active global citizens who act as respectful stewards of our earth's resources, ever exploring their relationship to all creation. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and welcoming school with practices that reflect fiscally responsible, environmentally ethical decision­ making and accountability, through: 
    •    Educational programming about stewardship and sustainability 

    •    Student, faculty, and staff participation in environmental efforts 

    •    Student leadership in sustainable development 

    •    Utilization of energy-efficient, renewable/ recyclable materials 

    •    Expanded recycling programs and use of recycled products Consumption awareness and waste reduction 

    •    Green practices in all aspects of campus life including construction, dining services, printing and communications 

    •    Ongoing research into further opportunities to improve overall environmental impact 

Sustainability Snapshot



Darren Malone, Director of Facilities and Sustainable Planning, at 609.921.6039 or

A group of Stuart students filling milk cartons in the stream