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E-book: 9 Tips to Prepare Your Daughter for the College Admissions Process

Always remember: There are no best colleges, only colleges that are best for individual students. - Robyn Henry, Director of College Counseling 

Parents often want to learn more about the college admissions process early in the Upper School experience. Each fall, the Director of College Counseling Robyn Henry hosts coffees for 9th-11th grade parents to get an overview of the college admissions landscape and receive information about standardized testing, course selection, summer planning, and what girls should do to balance high school academics in preparation for the college process.

The college process begins in earnest junior year with a Junior College Kickoff meeting in late November. With this program, Ms. Henry and Assistant College Counselor Margaret Regan will introduce the college office's philosophy of matching the right student with the right college while disarming myths about selective college admission. The meeting also outlines the process timeline, previews our organizational software, and highlights our individualized Family Meetings. In these meetings, students choose classes for senior year, map out college visits and plan for standardized tests. 

Seniors join the college office in the days before the school year to kick the college process into high gear. This boot camp meeting is designed to sort out the many details of the application process and prepare students for the important decisions they will make in the months ahead. Throughout senior year, many individual meetings take place between students and Ms. Henry as applications are completed, when decisions start coming in and then when a final decision is made by the end of senior year.

The college search can be a new and exciting experience for parents and daughters. In addition to identifying prospective schools, the admissions process can sometimes be demanding and overwhelming. The good news is that parents can lay the groundwork for a smooth college application process early with a little preparation. The e-book below was created to help parents prepare their daughters for the college admissions process.

Click here to download the e-book


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