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10 distance learning tips for families

As we prepare to launch distance learning for our students, we know parents and guardians are going to be faced with many unknowns, from teaching their child(ren) to balancing a full-time work schedule with the whole family at home. There will be new routines, new work spaces, new meal times, new types of homework, new methods of staying connected with friends, and new emotions and stresses. There are many ideas and answers out there in blogs, Pinterest, social media, and even among groups of friends, and we wanted to offer our own advice from members of our community. Perhaps the most important piece of advice we can offer before you even begin to read this list is to take it one day at a time and remember that we are all in this together. 

  1. Encourage your child to set aside a distinct place for school work (not her bed) where she can be uninterrupted.
  2. Routine is helpful during times of adjustment. Get dressed in the morning, follow the school schedule as much as possible, keep regular sleeping and eating hours, and include some daily exercise.
  3. Listen to your child about the things in their school day that matter to them and try to incorporate into your routine at home. 
  4. Stay engaged and check in periodically, but remember that your daughter is used to working independently. She should be spending approximately the same time on school work as during in person school.
  5. Keep lines of communication open with teachers and advisors and me.  There is much that we won’t see through the lens of the computer and you will be our eyes.
  6. Also find ways for your children to virtually connect with their friends. What we are all feeling, they are feeling too. 
  7. Have your daughter reach out to regular supports for academic help or emotional support.  We don’t expect parents to be experts in Calculus or mental health.
  8. Get outside everyday!
  9. It is OKAY to let your child do something else if you have to work. 
  10. We are all adapting together and kindness and forgiveness can go a long way now.  Let’s be accepting of our own limitations and understanding of the struggles others are facing.  Let’s have this challenging period in our lives be an opportunity to strengthen our community.

What would you add to this list? Comment below!


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