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Special Traditions

Stuart’s community enjoys many rich traditions. Some are steeped in the Sacred Heart experience and are universal to all Network schools. Others are particular to Stuart itself. Many echo the philosophy of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria. At Stuart, students and faculty learn, love and laugh together and have a pride in their school that comes through in the celebration of these events.

Coeur de Jésus

A French song sung throughout the Network of Sacred Heart Schools following a special event or to represent a "fight song" for athletics victories. Click the video to listen.

group of kids running


Congé is a tradition in many Sacred Heart schools. From the French for "leave taking" or "farewell," Congé is a day when students and teachers take leave of their regular studies and have fun. Congé comes when least expected, since the planning is done in secret. Originally, the activities and games were planned by the Religious for the girls of the boarding schools. At Stuart, trying to guess when Congé will come is part of the anticipation—and Congé is a most welcome day of joy and delight!

Day of Service

Central to the mission and identity of all Sacred Heart schools is a commitment to serve others as Goal Three calls Sacred Heart students to “a social awareness which impels to action.” Each school year begins with the Stuart community coming together in the spirit of Goal 3 (A social awareness which impels to action) and Goal 4 (Building community as a Christian value) to engage in a service project for NJ communities in need. 

Students and parents are given opportunities to engage in service as a community through the year. Another special tradition is the food drive and amenity pack collection for Loaves and Fishes in Trenton. 

Day of Service
A row of flags from different countries on stage at Stuart

Flag Ceremony

The Flag Ceremony is a celebration of the beautiful diversity here at Stuart. It serves as a powerful reminder that while we hail from many different nations, we learn, play, and work together. At the ceremony, members of Stuart’s faculty, staff and students gather in groups around the flag of their native country. They then process into Cor Unum together, carrying the flag of their country of origin or that of their parents and/or grandparents. 

Goal 3 Day

The National Center for Girls’ Leadership at Stuart is charged with delivering Stuart Country Day School’s mission to “prepare girls for lives of exceptional leadership and service.” Therefore, it is in service both to the mission of the Sacred Heart, and the mission of Stuart as an institution, that we support and sustain a cross-divisional, student-led, service learning program.

Goal 3 Days have been a tradition in each division at Stuart for a number of years. It is a time when we pause from our daily lives and actively think about the needs of our greater community. We reflect on why there might be suffering in the world and who is affected, and then we do something about it! 

Goal 3 Day at Stuart
group of kids eating cupcakes


“Goûter” in French means “to taste.” It is an old French custom of providing some light sustenance, a snack and something light to drink, in mid-afternoon between lunch and dinner. On special days in the Society and in Sacred Heart schools, a special goûter, usually cake or candy, could be expected.

Green & White Day

Green and White Day is a time for students and faculty to don their green or white shirts and enjoy an afternoon of healthy competition designed to build unity and school spirit. Green & White Day has been a tradition at Stuart for many years, which means that children of alumnae continue their mothers' legacies as members of the same team. 

A group of Stuart students in a group wearing green shirts and green accessories pointing at the camera
A close-up of a female hand wearing the Stuart ring and holding a candle

Junior Ring Ceremony

Held mid-year, the Junior Ring Ceremony is the most memorable event for Upper School students. In a candlelight ceremony, junior students are presented with their school rings by their senior sisters. Alums who are sisters or parents of current juniors are invited to be part of the processional. Junior Ring Ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most cherished traditions of the year. 

Women We Admire

Women We Admire Day is a signature experience in the Lower School at Stuart celebrated during Women's History Month each year. Students prepare well in advance by researching a woman either from history or present day, and their hard work culminates on Women We Admire Day when they share their findings and accomplishments in a "Talking Museum." The day begins with Opening Ceremonies, followed by breakout centers for women in sports, STEM, arts, theology, leadership, literature and media, and Stuart alumnae return to speak with the girls about careers in a wide range of fields.

A young Stuart girl dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsberg pointing her finger in the air with other girls behind her
A group of young girls wearing white shirts and white accessories that appear to be cheering on a team
Special Traditions