Private All Girls School

Preschool-High School

Princeton, New Jersey

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Portrait of a Stuart Graduate

A Stuart graduate has a personal, reflective, and active faith in God. Her faith serves as the foundation upon which she develops a loving heart. Her dialogue with others of diverse beliefs helps our graduates to further understand and respect the religions of the world.

A Stuart graduate possesses intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness, and actively engages in the process of learning, both individually and collaboratively.

She applies the knowledge and skills of all disciplines in the pursuit of critical understanding. She sees the most formidable challenges as opportunities for growth.

A Stuart graduate embraces her gifts and uniqueness. She has a strong feeling of self-worth and self-respect. Possessing a “can-do” spirit, she sets goals and is committed to achieving them.

A Stuart graduate is confident and is able to effect change. She takes risks and expresses herself through public speaking, athletics, and the arts. She is a forward-thinking leader.

A Stuart graduate goes into the world with true compassion for others and an understanding of the value of service and participation. She embraces community, locally and globally. A Stuart graduate is actively committed to justice and peace.