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    Upper School cross country beats PDS, 5–0 for the season

    Posted September 30, 2015

    On their home course, the Upper School cross country team moved their record to 5–0 against a good PDS Team. The team was lead by junior Casey Nelson and senior Lindsay Craig, followed by freshman Grace Sheppard, sophomores Sonia Mohandas and Allie Burgess and senior Isabella Kopits, as each had a personal best for the course and moved higher on the top 10 list. While Casey Nelson moved to #2 all-time on the list! Also recording personal best times were freshman Sara Deczynski, junior Milan Kainer, freshman Sharon Song and junior Tina Lu. Next Wednesday the team will compete in a tri-meet at PDS. Click through for Stuart's full Farmview Fields top-ten list.

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    Varsity field hockey brings home 2-0 victory

    Posted September 28, 2015

    The varsity field hockey team has been working hard all season and their perseverance paid off on Saturday as they overtook the much bigger West Windsor Plainsboro High School South team for a 2-0 victory on the road. Senior Sam Service put in a goal for an early lead, and goal two came from sophomore Ali Hannah with 14 minutes remaining. The team’s shutout went to goalie Alexxa Newman. It was both a strong offensive and defensive game for the Tartans - a real team effort! #GoTartans

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    Pope Francis celebrated at first Sacred Heart Assembly

    Posted September 28, 2015

    The first Sacred Heart assembly of the school year featured the timely visit of Pope Francis to our area. Live stream video of the Pope’s speaking engagements had been shown throughout school all week long. During the assembly, junior Madeleine McLaughlin gave a presentation on Pope Francis, educating her fellow Stuart sisters, K-12, on the Pontiff’s background and origins. Mr. Missonis then discussed the Pope’s Jesuit background. Sharing his own Jesuit education, Mr. Missonis made wonderful Sacred Heart connections for the girls. See photos from the assembly in the photo gallery.

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    Middle School science students get up close and personal with Madagascar hissing cockroaches

    Posted September 28, 2015

    Students in Mr. Berman's grades 7 & 8 science classes performed an experiment last week to determine the food preferences of the Madagascar hissing cockroach. Data showed that bananas were preferred and through their experiment, the students confirmed that preference! The students really enjoyed working up close and personal with these beautiful (if slightly creepy) insects. See photos of the girls working with these fascinating insects in the photo gallery.

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    Upper School girls build community during Freshman/Senior Bonding Week

    Posted September 28, 2015

    Last week the freshman and senior girls spent time connecting and building relationships. During each day of Freshman/Senior Bonding Week, the girls had a special task—wearing matching outfits, bringing treats to share, creating secret handshakes, writing thoughtful notes and dressing as a pair. See photos from Friday's "themed pairs" in the photo gallery.

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    Millie’s Garden comes to life with Mindful Mornings

    Posted September 28, 2015

    Before each day begins in the Lower School, girls gather in Millie’s Garden for Mindful Mornings, led by fourth grade student leadership. The girls put down their backpacks, take a breath and join an activity center. All ages collaborate on simple tasks—whether it’s selecting a book and quietly reading, working with magnetic poetry, coloring mandalas or doodling while they look out the window. A backdrop of soft music keeps the tone calm and quiet. They end this time by taking a breath again. It is a purposeful way for our young girls to begin each day. At the end of the week, Friday Thank-You’s incorporate this year’s theme of “Attitude of Gratitude,” and students share their thoughts of someone or something that they are thankful for. Click through for photos from Mindful Mornings.

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    Faculty Spotlight: Global Connections Bring Early Years Expert to Stuart

    Posted September 28, 2015

    Kindergarten Teacher Heidi Echternacht used her global #kinderchat connections to bring Laura Henry, an international expert in early childhood education, to Stuart on Friday. Ms. Henry is a highly regarded trainer of teachers and published author. Among many other roles, she is a representative for England on the World Forum on Early Care and Education. Ms. Henry stopped by to visit Stuart on her way to attend the annual meeting of the Clinton Foundation’s Global Initiative on Early Childhood Education in New York City—she was a regional judge for the $1 Million Hult Prize, a contest for young social entrepreneurs emerging from the world’s universities. She spent the day visiting classrooms, speaking with teachers, touring the school, and lunching in the Zen Garden with Ms. Echternacht. The two met and have been collaborating for some time via Twitter on Laura’s #EYTalking and Heidi’s #kinderchat. Click through for photos from her visit.

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    Varsity tennis battles to beat two Mercer County teams

    Posted September 28, 2015

    The varsity tennis team was strong this week, beating two Mercer County teams: Steinert and Notre Dame, both by a score of 4–1! The second doubles team, juniors Ally McGowen and Annie Liang only dropped three total games over two matches. Their doubles play was steady as they rolled through these matches. Seniors Emma Brigaud and Juliet McGowen, at second and third singles respectively, stayed focused and rallied through both matches. The team is looking forward to the Mercer County Tournament on Monday!

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    Inspired by Pope Francis, Upper School girls aim to ratify Constitution to protect the most vulnerable

    Posted September 28, 2015

    Last week, students in modern U.S. history began work on “A More Perfect Union...are we there yet,” a PBL designed by Kate Barnhardt and consistent with Pope Francis’s message: we all have a way and obligation to help lift up the most vulnerable. For the 15 juniors enrolled in Mrs. Barnhardt’s class, their way is looking at groups in America who are currently vulnerable and in need of greater Constitutional protection. Click through for the full story.

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    Sophomore class puts FUN in fundraising with birthday grams!

    Posted September 21, 2015

    The sophomore class has already jumped into the new school year and is definitely putting the “fun” in fundraising! The class of 2018 is continuing the tradition of “Birthday Grams,” a full year effort to raise class funds. Birthday Grams are packages filled with various goodies and are personally delivered by the wonderful sophomore girls on your child’s special day. The form is available through each division office and Aspen. We hope the girls enjoy them! Any questions can be directed to the sophomore student government team. Kate McLaughlin, Class President:
    Nina Pemberton, Class Vice President:
    Roshni Patel, Class Secretary/Treasurer:
    Alexandra Bullen-Smith, Class Judiciary Representative:

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    Stuart traditions build community: Flag Ceremony and Green & White Day!

    Posted September 18, 2015

    It was a wonderful day full of traditions and community building at Stuart! Starting with our beautiful Flag Ceremony, we celebrated our community's rich international diversity. With a backdrop of flags of the 55 nations from which we hail, Msgr. Gregory E.Z. Malovetz presided over the Mass of Holy Spirit, spoke of the importance of gratitude and quoted Pope Francis when he reminded our girls to "be courageous." After a BBQ lunch, we headed to the turf field for the annual Green & White Day games. Both teams had a great time running, jumping and laughing their way across the field! Thanks in part to a 10-point lead from the Early Childhood team who played earlier, the White Team broke a 3-year streak and came out victorious. Enjoy photos from Green and White Day and Flag Ceremony in the photo gallery.

  • Stuart Teachers' Top 5 Back to School Tips

    Posted August 25, 2015

    With two weeks left before the first day of school, we tapped into the expertise of Stuart’s teachers to provide you with a few tips to help your children ease the transition from summer to back to school.

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    Major transformations taking shape around Stuart this summer

    Posted August 13, 2015

    Amazing progress has been made on the Lower School renovation project—the old walls have come down, new walls have gone up and the space is beginning to take shape! In addition to a state-of-the-art, collaborative and magical learning environment, we are maximizing energy efficiency through upgrades to the mechanical, electrical and architectural systems. Watch a recent video tour of the Lower School space with Director of Facilities & Sustainable Planning Darren Malone. Our tour was Stuart's first Periscope broadcast (follow us on Periscope @StuartCDSchool). Exciting transformations are also are happening in the MakerSpace and Community Room, and a new Digital Arts Lab is underway in the Fine Arts Wing.

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    Stuart's amazing Forensics Team is at it again!

    Posted June 24, 2015

    Congratulations to seniors Maddie Lapuerta and Rosalind Stengle on their recent accolades at the National Speech and Debate League competition in Dallas. Maddie advanced to the quarterfinals in the Humorous Interpretation category and Rosalind was also a qualifier. According to classmate and teammate Julia Weingaertner, both girls did a stellar job!

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    Watch live stream of Lower School reno construction!

    Posted June 18, 2015
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    Summer at the Stream is off to a fantastic start!

    Posted June 16, 2015

    After getting to know a little bit about one another, the campers in Summer at the Stream broke off into two groups for small group activities. The morning had the boys and girls thinking about aliens who were pretty "out of this world!" They also spent time exploring what adventurous plants and objects are in their backyard by sketching along the Nature Trail. Lunch and Gouter allowed for a break and some much-needed rest. The campers then got their energy up for crab soccer and engineering airplanes! Additionally, the Summer at the Stream campers are getting excited for their Friday Field Trip to the Princeton Airport! Here's to a wonderful rest of the week! Click through for photos from the first day.

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    Fifth grader Noelia Manion breaks long jump record at Track & Field Day

    Posted June 11, 2015

    Congratulations to fifth grader Noelia Manion who set a school record for the running long jump during the Grades 3–5 Track & Field Day on May 22. Noelia jumped 13 feet 8 inches and broke the old record from 1981 held by S. Thompson, 13 feet 6 inches. Way to go, Noelia!

  • 2015 Senior Award recipients announced at Prize Day

    Posted June 10, 2015

    IMG_2458.jpg The Senior Goal Awards are the highest honor bestowed at Stuart and recognize seniors for their commitment to and embodiment of the five Sacred Heart Goals. The award recipients were: Goal I Award honors RSCJ Margarita Condell: Tiana Sepahpour
    Goal II Janet Erskine Stuart Scholar Award: Isabel Lapuerta and Zoe Yang
    Goal III RSCJ Service Award: Elizabeth Biava
    Goal IV Alumnae Award: Julia Rourke
    Goal V Faculty Award: Debra Barksdale

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    Amidst dilemma, Lower School girls collaborate on “Problem” Based Learning

    Posted June 10, 2015

    Uh oh... In preparation for the upcoming renovation project, the Lower School was faced with a HUGE dilemma—an entire last week of school with no furniture or resources! What were they to do? Not surprisingly, the Lower School was up to the challenge of solving this problem by immersing themselves in the most creative “problem” based learning unit. Using the floor plans and sketches of the new Lower School Millie’s Garden as inspiration, our Early Childhood boys and girls became investigators, observers and artists and recreated our beautiful campus in the form of a mural by exploring the shapes all around them. The girls in kindergarten through fourth grade spent time in multi-aged groups hypothesizing about their future legacy, putting together a time capsule to be opened in 50 years, and strategizing, inventing, and sustaining the essential components of an outdoor classroom including food, medicine, and shelter! This extraordinary week gave the Lower School a glimpse of what awaits them as they look forward to engaging in hands-on experimentation and discovery in the years to come! See photos from this amazing project in the photo gallery.

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    Seniors wrap up year with service trips through FaithJustice Xperience

    Posted June 10, 2015

    Immediately following the Invisible Issues project, the senior class participated in the FaithJustice Xperience hosted by the Center for FaithJustice in Lawrenceville. During this week-long experience, the girls completed their required community service in a retreat-like environment. While the freshmen, sophomores and juniors were taking exams, the seniors spent the week together, working, serving, discussing, reflecting and learning. The girls were assigned four different service sites in our local community, Gateway Head Start, UIH/Sage/Trenton Downtown Association, Visitation Home and TASK. This new format allowed the seniors to participate in meaningful service projects without the anxiety and stress of planning and implementation. Click through for photos from the trips.

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