8th Graders Programming Math Video Games for 2012 National STEM Video Game Challenge; PBS KIDS talks about our progress

Posted March 2, 2012

Alicia Testa’s Grade 8 computer classes are deep into an exciting STEM project that embraces many Sacred Heart Goals; working in small groups (community, Goal 4), Grade 8 students are programming original math skills video games (intellectual values, Goal 2 and personal growth, Goal 5) for children ages 4-8, as part of a PBS KIDS Stream of the 2012 National STEM Video Game Challenge. Princeton University mentor students from Princeton Women in Computer Science are coming in to class help with questions the girls may have (bringing in mentors for our girls is one of the objectives coming out of our STEM Advisory Task Force meetings). What’s more, PBS KIDS is posting about our work at Stuart on their PBS KIDS Lab website. Follow the class through Ms. Testa’s blog, view photos of a class at work, or read the full press release (PDF).

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