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EC Students visit the Princeton University lab of Dr. Mung Chiang

EC Students visit the Princeton University lab of Dr. Mung Chiang

On Thursday, the EC 3's visited the Princeton University lab of Mung Chiang, Augustan's dad. Dr. Chiang is the Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, and he is highly respected around the world. Mung was truly kind to show his office and laboratory to the young boys and girls. The children saw Dr. Chiang's amazing computer system and server as well as his design thinking classroom. At the design lab, Augustan's sister, Novia, demonstrated how she has programmed and can control a robot using her phone. The robot moved all over the floor, turned its head, and made many sounds that Novia controlled. Novia allowed the boys and girls to control her robot. Following the facility tour, the class visited Dolceria, a gelato shop on Nassau Street, for a sweet treat. Dr. Chiang is friends with the owner, Scott who opened his shop early for us. We truly appreciate Dr. Chiang and his whole family giving us this very special opportunity to explore our community! See photos from the trip in the gallery.

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