Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame honors those in our Stuart community who have made a significant achievement in their sport and who exemplify the principles of sportsmanship and those in the goals and criteria of Sacred Heart Schools.

The first inductees were honored on September 14, 2013, as part of Stuart's 50th Anniversary celebrations. Click on each name to read more.
The 1979 Stuart Varsity Basketball Team

The 1979 Stuart Varsity Basketball Team

1979 Basketball Team.jpg

The 1979 Stuart Varsity Basketball Team won the Division A New Jersey Independent Schools State Championship, defeating Oak Knoll School, 58-48. The team avenged a crushing defeat the in the previous state finals to win Stuart’s first state basketball title. The high scorers of the final 1979 game, Cynthia McVay ’79 (17 points) and Shelley Hearne ’79 (14 points), were also named to the All-State and All-American teams. Along the road to victory, the Stuart Varsity Basketball Team defeated Princeton Day School (35-28) and The Newman School (51-50). Earlier in the season, Stuart also defeated Princeton High School, a significant achievement.

The players on this championship team are honored for their commitment, dedication, and contribution to Stuart Athletics.

The 1979 State Champion Team:

Ann Marie Krystaponis Barnwell ’79
Gabrielle DiBianco ’80
Shelley Hearne ’79
Christine Leahy ’82
Cynthia McVay ’79
Theresa McKee Sayia ’79
Julie Stockman-Burke ’80
Carolyn Moran Zack ’80
Coach Gordon Stevenson
Carrol Florkiewicz
Carrol Florkiewicz.jpg

Carrol Florkiewicz

Carrol Florkiewicz is a legend at Stuart. For 30 years she taught, coached, inspired, and sent young women off with a drive to succeed in athletics and life.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Florkiewicz, the Stuart athletics program grew from recreational activities to a competitive program with five varsity sports. Many of her students went on to compete at the college level.

During her tenure as athletic director, the mighty Stuart Tartans won their first state titles, including the 1979 basketball championship. 
Mrs. Florkiewicz taught her athletes that the basics are a foundation for greatness, she taught them the rules, and she taught them how to be their best.

The 1995 yearbook dedication reads, “From you we have gained strength: strength of body, strength of mind, strength of purpose, and strength of conviction.”

Gia Fruscione '96

Gia’s family (L to R) Sam Fruscione, Craig Loizides, Gia, Gabriela Loizides, Julia Walker ’29, Alicia Fruscione Walker ’98, Susan Fruscione, and Josh Walker
Gia’s family (L to R) Sam Fruscione, Craig Loizides, Gia, Gabriela Loizides, Julia Walker ’29, Alicia Fruscione Walker ’98, Susan Fruscione, and Josh Walker

Gia Fruscione-Loizides ’96

Gia Fruscione-Loizides ’96 was the goalkeeper on four Stuart state championship field hockey teams. Halfway through her high school career, and having participated in national tournaments, Gia was selected to the United States national team, representing the USA in the Netherlands as a member of the Under-16 Team.

Two years later Gia missed her graduation from Stuart to compete with the USA Under-21 Team in the Netherlands and competed in the Junior Pan American Games in Sanitago, Chile the following year.

Amidst her national career, Gia went on to play at Princeton University, leading Princeton Field Hockey twice to the Final Four for the first time in the school’s history. Gia competed in field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse at Stuart, was a competitive downhill ski racer, and while at Princeton played at the Division I Varsity Level in both field hockey and ice hockey.

She received All-State and All-American honors throughout her field hockey career. Gia coaches field hockey at Stuart and for the Spirit Eagles Elite Field Hockey Club in New Jersey.


Kristen Lopez-Watt ’90
Co-coordinator of Alumnae Relations

Alicia Fruscione Walker ’98
Co-coordinator of Alumnae Relations

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