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The Middle School at Stuart

Grades 5–8

The Middle School years are a time for Stuart girls to discover who they are, what they want to become and how they want to make a difference in the world. We challenge and support our girls through this process as they mature spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Our innovative curriculum and 1:1 iPad program provide students with essential 21st century skills, including effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving. Outside the classroom, girls develop an awareness and commitment to social justice through discussion and service to others.

A comprehensive advisory program, extensive club offerings, strong athletics and an exchange student opportunity in eighth grade allow our girls to build confidence in their abilities to lead, compete and collaborate.

Recently in the Middle School:

The eighth grade students have been engaged in passionate and thoughtful debates this past week on challenging and relevant topics such as WikiLeaks, gun control and whether employers and colleges have the right to access an applicant's social media accounts. Working collaboratively in teams, they scoured multiple sources, took copious notes, wrote summaries, formulated compelling arguments, and rehearsed their speeches to prepare for this annual event. The girls performed with confidence, poise and thoughtful analysis. Congratulations to all of them!

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Last week, the very talented Middle School Players performed a marvelous pair of one-acts entitled "We Are Family." Both acts explored what it means to be in a family. The performances of "I'm a Teenager, Get Me Out of This Family," by Jim Garvey and "Someday When You're Older" by Amanda Cutalo took place in the Stuart Little Theater and combined comedy, nostalgia and family drama into a beautiful package. See photos from the performances in the gallery.

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Stuart Middle School and Upper School swim teams held the Second Annual Green & White Swim Meet back in February. With more than 30 swimmers participating, most of the parents were in attendance to support the girls. The program consisted of a mix of a few traditional events with fun events like t-shirt relays and the plunge for distance. Everyone had a great time and in the end, we had a very close competition with the White Team edging the Green Team, 310 to 298, though equal credit goes to Green, whose numbers are about 30% less than White on the swim team. See photos from the meet in the gallery.

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The Middle School history students completed their study of Mesopotamia and Sumer by creating ancient-style clay tablets. In class, the fifth grade students learned that a "highly developed written language" was one of the seven characteristics of a civilization. To complete their tablets, the girls translated their names from English into cuneiform, the wedge shaped written language of the Sumerians from 2400 B.C.E.

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